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Toby Gibb
Blog 1 min read

Chart Room: Valuations look more reasonable but there may be more to come

Chart Room: Valuations look more reasonable but there may be more to come

Toby Gibb | 31 May 2022

Mikko Iso-Kulmala
Article 3 min read

Sunflowers and scarcity: The Ukraine war’s impact on private debt

Sunflowers and scarcity: The Ukraine war’s impact on private debt

Mikko Iso-Kulmala + 2 others | 19 May 2022

Nick Haaijman
Blog 2 min read

Private debt does some heavy lifting in Twitter buyout

Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter is one of the most talked about leveraged buyouts of the decade, utilising both public and private debt markets.

Nick Haaijman + 1 other | 5 May 2022

Catherine Yeung
Podcast 34 min listen

The Investor's Guide to China podcast: Supply Chains

Now over two years into this pandemic and the world is still battling some serious supply chain disruptions.

Catherine Yeung + 8 others | 28 April 2022

Ben Li
Article 7 min read

Re-globalisation in the age of Asia's supply chain crunch

Even the best-laid plans across the global manufacturing industry haven’t kept pace with a swiftly evolving siege of pressures on supply chains.

Ben Li + 5 others | 28 April 2022

Alvin Cheng
Article 5 min read

China as a new safe haven?

Looming stagflation and war effects have global investors searching for havens. China represents a less conventional option with diversification benefits.

Alvin Cheng + 3 others | 4 April 2022

Michael Curtis
Blog 2 min read

Direct lenders take a larger chunk of smaller loan deals

Direct lenders are funding a growing proportion of the European mid-market, with the smallest deals seeing the biggest rise.

Michael Curtis + 1 other | 31 March 2022

Andrew McCaffery
Article 5 min read

A time for cool heads as the world order shifts

Russia’s war in Ukraine has raised fears of profound fissures in the global economic and geopolitical balance, while casting scrutiny on China’s stance.

Andrew McCaffery | 16 March 2022

Tigran Manukyan
Article 3 min read

Tuning in to private markets

The flood of money into private assets has been one of the most significant investment trends of the past decade.

Tigran Manukyan | 5 January 2022

Neil Cable
Blog 1 min read

Chart Room: The REIT way to invest as private real estate evolves

The way we use buildings is changing. Publicly traded real estate investment trusts (REITs) show how private property funds may be set to evolve in response.

Neil Cable | 25 November 2021

Paras Anand
Blog 2 min read

Chart Room: An inflection point for Chinese equities?

There may be pressure on valuations as international investors adopt a wait-and-see approach, but the long-term outlook continues to be positive.

Paras Anand | 9 September 2021

Paras Anand
Article 5 min read

A podium moment for Japan’s markets, too?

Japan stocks have long been consigned to tactical trading by global investors, but positive catalysts are emerging in a post-Covid inflationary world.

Paras Anand | 29 August 2021

George Efstathopoulos
Blog 2 min read

Chart Room: Why stock-bond correlations are turning positive

In the wake of Covid-19, US tech and consumer discretionary firms are leading a departure from the negative correlation between equities and bonds.

George Efstathopoulos + 2 others | 15 July 2021

Paras Anand
Article 4 min read

Flows vs friction

Growth opportunities in post-pandemic Asia are set to propel a long-term boom in equity capital markets, as the region draws in ever greater inflows.

Paras Anand | 17 March 2021

Paras Anand
Blog 3 min read

The hidden dragon of 2020

As global investors scramble to digest paradigm shifts, another change of seismic scale has gone under-noticed in a year full of twists and turns.

Paras Anand | 27 October 2020

Ming Gong
Blog 4 min read

China property: Built for the long run

Facing challenges in their core business of building and selling new homes, Chinese real estate developers have found an alternative source of revenue.

Ming Gong + 1 other | 24 August 2020

Stuart Rumble
Blog 1 min read

A heavy outlook for the US Dollar

The relentless spread of Covid-19 across the US and improving risk sentiment elsewhere is crimping demand for the safe-haven reserve currency.

Stuart Rumble + 2 others | 30 July 2020

Tigran Manukyan
Article 3 min read

Using gold to hedge an extreme world

Gold can act as a useful hedge against future financial distress and potential selloffs in risk assets

Tigran Manukyan | 27 July 2020

Tigran Manukyan
Blog 3 min read

Infrastructure: A broad universe with diverse benefits and risks

Real assets and infrastructure can offer stable, inflation-linked returns, relatively high yield and diversification of risk.

Tigran Manukyan + 1 other | 2 July 2020

George Efstathopoulos
Article 9 min read

Finding genuinely defensive ways to diversify portfolios

What constitutes a defensive asset in the time of Covid-19?

George Efstathopoulos | 26 June 2020

Andrew McCaffery
Blog 4 min read

Fidelity CIO: Thinking differently about diversification

Portfolios may need to encompass a broader range of assets than in the past.

Andrew McCaffery + 1 other | 29 May 2020

Bryan Collins
Blog 3 min read

A Goldilocks moment for China’s monetary policy, but watch for more easing and bond index inclusion

Two events are driving the outlook for China fixed income- easing monetary conditions and the expected inclusion of Chinese bonds in benchmark indexes.

Bryan Collins + 4 others | 14 March 2019

Stuart Rumble
Article 4 min read

Investing for income: Why a higher headline yield isn't always better

When investing for income, a higher headline yield isn't always better.

Stuart Rumble + 2 others | 24 October 2018

Alex Duffy
Blog 3 min read

Building a portfolio: why picking good stocks isn't enough

The discipline of ‘stock picking’ is the bread and butter of most active portfolio managers. However, it’s only one part of the investment process.

Alex Duffy | 20 August 2018

Michael Costa
Article 5 min read

The complete downside protection toolkit

Downside protection tools assist the investor in managing risks, but it's important to master how and when to use them.

Michael Costa + 3 others | 2 February 2018

Eugene Philalithis
Article 6 min read

Exit door scenarios: how to guard against rising correlations

In a downturn, uncorrelated asset classes can become highly correlated. See how our investors prepare for those scenarios.

Eugene Philalithis + 1 other | 11 December 2017

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