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Emerging markets - Asia

Emerging Asia

Over the next ten years, it is estimated that the Asian middle-income population will grow by some 850 million, more than 13 times the total UK population1. What’s more, a recent report released by the Asian Development Bank reveals consumption in the region could rise to $32 trillion by 2030, overtaking the US and Europe, and in doing so accounting for 43% of the global total2.

From the industrial states of South Korea and Taiwan to the emerging economies of India, Vietnam and Malaysia, there is huge diversity across the Asia-Pacific in terms of economic development, demographics and culture. These markets are quite distinct with large disparities in wealth and varying demand for different products and services, giving rise to significant opportunities within the region.

Case Study: Emerging Asia’s multimedia (r)evolution

Asian Pacific consumers are expected to buy 100 million smartphones in 2011, accounting for 1 in 5 of all mobile devices sold. This figure is likely to reach almost 500 million by 20153and together with fixed internet, should generate more than $80 billion in commerce, access fees, device sales and services4.

Mobile Internet -  Growth Markets

The days of high hardware costs, poor network quality and limited access in the less developed countries within the region is gradually becoming a thing of the past. Indian companies are shining examples of such progress, having developed an £11 mobile phone, a £23 laptop5 and recently invested £25 billion on telecommunications spectrum6.

The rapid growth in mobile internet penetration and capability is likely to reshape the way consumers in the region interact with products, services and indeed each other and require consumer-facing businesses to rethink their traditional approach to marketing media.

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