Highlighted fund links (clean share classes)*

Funds $ ISIN € ISIN £ ISIN Sales material
Fidelity America LU0318939179 LU0963540371 (hedged)    
Fidelity American Growth LU0318939252      
Fidelity Euro Blue Chip   LU0346388290    
Fidelity European Growth   LU0346388373    
Fidelity United Kingdom     LU0346393373  
Fidelity Global Multi Asset Income LU0905233846 LU0979392502 GB00BGFBMY77 (UK OEIC)  
Fidelity Global Dividend LU0605515963   GB00B7GJPN73 (UK OEIC)  
Fidelity Emerging Markets LU0346390940   GB00B9SMK778 (UK OEIC)  
Fidelity EMEA LU0370788910 LU0951202703 GB00B818K645 (UK OEIC)  
Fidelity Pacific LU0346391831      
Fidelity Asian Special Situations LU0346390601      
Fidelity China Consumer Fund LU0594300500      
Fidelity Global Demographics LU0528228231      
Fidelity World LU1084165486 LU0318941662    

Life company savings plans

  Old Mutual International Zurich FPI Generali Metlife
Fidelity America   External $: ZUUSD
Mirror $: USDFU
$: L47  $: LU0048573561 FDA
Fidelity American Growth £: 96257
$: 96252
€: 96701
Fidelity Euro Blue Chip     €: J84 €: LU0251128657  
Fidelity European Growth   External €: ZREUR
Mirror €: FDEUR
  €: LU0048578792  
Fidelity United Kingdom       £: LU0048621717  
Fidelity Global Dividend £: 98193
$: 98192
€: 98194
External $: USDFV
Mirror $: USDFT
$: L46 $: LU0772969993   
Fidelity Emerging Markets   External S$: EPSGD     FEM
Fidelity EMEA £: 97510
$: 97511
€: 97512
External €: FAEUR $: L12 $: LU0303823156 FDE
Fidelity Pacific   Mirror $: EMUSD   $: LU0049112450  
Fidelity Asian Special Situations         FDS
Fidelity China Consumer Fund £: 98136
$: 98135
€: 98137
    £: LU0594300336
$: LU0594300179
€: LU0594300096
Fidelity Global Real Assets £: 98090
$: 98089
€: 98091
    £: LU0468715619
$: LU0417495479
€: LU0417495552
Fidelity Global Demographics £: 98269
$: 98268
€: 98270
Fidelity World Fund   External €: MXEUR
Mirror €: FEEUR

Performance basis : excludes any initial charge. NAV-NAV with gross income reinvested. Returns are in base currency, net of fees.

*With the exception of the Fidelity Global Multi Asset Income Fund ($ share class), the ISIN numbers and factsheets under “Highlighted fund factsheet links” are for the 'clean’ share classes of the funds. For these funds, the annual management charge is lower than that quoted in standard regular and single premium savings plans, as no payment is made to a third party. Other share classes are available - please refer to the prospectus or contact Fidelity for more details. Please note that many of the funds have longer track records than those included in the “clean” share class factsheets.