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    Fidelity Multi Asset Defensive Fund

    Fidelity Multi Asset Defensive Fund is a cautiously managed fund designed for low-risk growth investors who are particularly concerned about the potential impact of any market volatility.

    The Fund offers multi-level diversification through one efficient portfolio. Unlike many other managed funds, it provides exposure to five different asset classes – cash, bonds, equities, property shares and commodities.

    The portfolio manager adjusts the composition of the portfolio over time, increasing exposure to those assets most likely to do well in the current market conditions. He has the ability to invest up to 100% of the fund in defensive assets but also has the flexibility to invest up to 35% in more growth-oriented areas.

    Unlike more conventionally managed products, it shifts asset allocation and underlying equity exposure to reflect the most appropriate mix for any given point in the economic cycle. The Portfolio Manager studies the economic cycle and uses Fidelity's Investment Clock model to inform his asset rotation and sector strategy.

    This Fund may be suitable for…

    • An instant portfolio offering multi-level diversification.

    • A fund which can provide steady, low-risk growth.

    • An investment which can deliver higher potential returns than cash but which has a focus on capital preservation.

    • A fund that can provide good insulation from the effects of a bear market but can also prosper from bull market conditions.