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    Fidelity Multi Asset Solutions

    Our multi asset funds are broadly diversified, risk-graded portfolios providing dynamically-managed exposure to five asset classes – equities, commodities, property shares, bonds and cash. Backed by a proven asset allocation process that combines long-term strategic thinking with shorter-term understanding of tactical opportunities, they adapt to changing conditions over the economic cycle.

    Proven, dynamic asset allocation

    Our ‘investment clock’ model provides the basis for the funds’ asset allocation positions and has proven its worth since the launch of Multi Asset Strategic Fund in October 2006.

    Read more here about the dynamic asset allocation underpinning Fidelity Multi Asset funds

    Fidelity Multi Asset Funds

    Investing in underlying Fidelity portfolios for active stock selection alpha

    The Fund range at a glance

    • Multi asset fund diversification in one
    • Choice of funds to suit investor risk profile
    • Asset composition managed dynamically to reflect changing market conditions
    • Portfolios have the ability to favour growth or value-preserving assets, depending on the economic and market environment