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    Understanding market volatility

    When markets fall it is easy to lose sight of your long term investment goals. Here we suggest ideas for maintaining a long term investment strategy through good times and bad. Our volatility tool is designed to help you understand the historical context of stock market ups and downs when making your investment decisions.

    Select one of the options below.

    Market crisis

    Last updated 30/12/13

    See how world markets have recovered from past shocks.

    Active fund management

    Last updated 30/12/13

    Good stock-picking can help beat the market, find out why.

    Volatility of returns

    Last updated 30/12/13

    Discover how volatile investment returns have been over time.

    Important information about the tool

    All tools relate to the past performance of investment indices and their constituent companies only. Past performance is not an indicator of future results. All tools are applicable to investing into stock market based investments (equities) only. Other asset classes, for example bonds and cash are not represented. This tool should not be used as a primary basis for any investment planning. Fidelity only provides information about products and services and does not provide financial advice based on individual circumstances. If you require advice you should consult a financial adviser.