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About us

Fidelity International offers investment solutions and retirement expertise to institutions, individuals and their advisers around the world. We bring together savings and pensions expertise with world-class investment choices - both our own and those of others - to help our clients build better futures for themselves and generations to come.

As a private company we think generationally and invest for the long term. Helping clients to save for retirement and other long term investing objectives has been at the core of our business for 50 years. We do this by developing specific retirement needs focused investment solutions for clients, their advisers and the defined benefit and defined contribution pension schemes around the world whose assets we manage.

We also offer comprehensive services relating to investing: For individual investors and their advisers we provide guidance to help them invest in a simple and cost effective way. For institutions including pension funds, banks and insurance companies we offer full-service asset management outsourcing as well as custom tailored investment solutions. And for employers we provide workplace pension administration services on top or independently of managing their pension assets. 

We are responsible for total client assets of USD $816.9* billion from over 2.82 million clients across Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, South America and Canada.

*All data as at 31 March 2024.

Our values and beliefs

  • We believe that investing is the key to wealth creation and securing a better financial future. Especially with governments around the globe retrenching fiscally and people having to become more self-sufficient to provide for their future financial security.
  • Clients are at the heart of our business: Investing clients’ money is why we exist. Our purpose is to provide choices and optimal financial outcomes to clients, whether they are individuals, employers, financial advisers or institutions.
  • We act with integrity. Our clients expect us to apply responsible and sensible stewardship standards when we invest for them. We behave ethically, with fairness and equality. And we recognise that, as a responsible allocator of capital, asset management companies like ourselves play a key role in sustainable economic growth and job creation.