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The Fidelity International Campus

Learn how to build better financial futures by joining Fidelity International’s new metaverse experience

About the experience

Take a tour to discover what Fidelity International does and why millions of investors choose to invest with us. Along the way, test your financial management knowledge, mint limited-edition NFTs, and collect wearables in an interactive adventure.


Before jumping in

Decentraland can be accessed on a PC or Mac running Chrome or Firefox.

If you want to fully enjoy the experience, we recommend visiting with a digital wallet. Digital wallets work as your personal account to store digital assets, such as the NFTs and wearables that you collect along the way.

If you choose to visit without a wallet, you can still explore the world but cannot receive the rewards.

Learn more on how to setup a wallet here

How to visit

If you are reading this on a mobile device, once you’ve entered Decentraland through, hit “enter” to open the chat box on the bottom left, type /goto -19,143, and hit “enter” again.

If you are reading this on a desktop, click to travel to The Fidelity International Campus.

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Campus features

Game of Life Theatre

The Fidelity International Campus residents face dilemmas in managing their finances. Help them choose the best course of action and win exclusive wearables for your virtual avatars.

Social Mobility Gallery

Visit Catopolis to acquire limited-edition, purr-ific NFTs that emerged from the work with students at School 21 in Stratford, London, whom we have worked on their Real World Learning Project.

Discover Fidelity

Learn about who we are and how we build better financial futures alongside investors in different life stages. Also see how we practice corporate sustainability and social responsibility.