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Behn Mapus-Smith - Research Associate

Blog 2 min read

Eurozone, China GEARs show deterioration in November

US GEAR continues its strong run, even as China is at its weakest since April 2015 while the UK is at its lowest level since the referendum result.

Ian Samson + 1 other | 20 November 2018

Blog 3 min read

Fidelity Leading Indicator - hit by 'front-loading'?

Our FLI is still in the growth below trend and decelerating quadrant. We still have to assess the impact of 'front-loading' on any nascent positivity.

Ian Samson + 1 other | 9 November 2018

Blog 2 min read

Emerging market GEARs weaken further in September

Our macro indicator shows emerging markets are under pressure

Ian Samson + 1 other | 17 October 2018

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