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Katsumi Ishibashi
Blog 4 min read

Bank of Japan’s coordinated easing signals more proactive asset purchases

Today’s move by the Bank of Japan to boost asset purchases underscores a globally coordinated effort by central banks to contain the coronavirus fallout.

Katsumi Ishibashi | 16 March 2020

Ayesha Akbar
Blog 2 min read

How to spot red flags when selecting managers

On the multi-asset team, we adhere to some key rules that help mitigate the risks of investing in actively managed funds.

Ayesha Akbar | 12 June 2019

Richard Edgar
Podcast 29 min listen

Has passive peaked?

Passive investing has undergone stellar growth but as monetary policies and market dynamics shift could we be seeing the 'peak' of the passive bull run?

Richard Edgar + 4 others | 4 June 2018

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