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Oscar Hutchinson -

Blog 3 min read

As gold’s surge draws wider interest, miners shine too

Gold's lustre is also rubbing off on the companies that dig it up from the ground.

Kate Howitt + 2 others | 12 March 2020

Blog 3 min read

Seeing red: How long can the iron ore rally last?

Seeing red: How long can the iron ore rally last?

Oscar Hutchinson | 24 July 2019

Blog 2 min read

Gold still has space to shine on

We see more upside for gold, thanks to a potent cocktail of falling interest rates, rising long term inflation expectations and heightening recession concerns.

Oscar Hutchinson | 17 July 2019

Blog 2 min read

China’s stimulus is working, but credit markets hold longer-term risks

The credit stimulus measures that China began last summer are starting to reach a critical mass, but transmission to the real economy remains patchy.

Forest Shultz + 4 others | 18 April 2019

Article 5 min read

China's tricky tightrope: High debt levels don't spell gloom but China's magic wand is gone

Can Asia’s economic tiger save the cycle, or will its soaring debt bring the world’s economy down?

Oscar Hutchinson + 2 others | 11 December 2017

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