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Ayesha Akbar

Ayesha Akbar - Portfolio Manager, Fidelity Select 50 Balanced Fund

Blog 1 min read

Chart Room: Weakening dollar gives emerging markets a shot in the arm

Emerging markets may be helped further along by the weaker outlook for the US dollar.

Anthony Doyle + 3 others | 10 December 2020

Blog 2 min read

How to spot red flags when selecting managers

On the multi-asset team, we adhere to some key rules that help mitigate the risks of investing in actively managed funds.

Ayesha Akbar | 12 June 2019

Blog 4 min read

India election: Modi for longer

Fresh mandate to help Modi push for further reforms.

Sandeep Kothari + 1 other | 23 May 2019

Article 7 min read

Why allocating to Japan calls for an active approach

Allocating to Japan requires weighing opportunities against risks. We're positive on Japan's outlook, but will watch issues such as currency fluctuations.

Ayesha Akbar + 2 others | 6 July 2018

Article 10 min read

Rethinking Asia allocations: The investment world's distorted view

Many global investors outside Asia are playing catch up with the region's structural potential even if risks and market valuations cannot be ignored.

Ayesha Akbar + 2 others | 6 July 2018

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