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Terrence Pang

Terrence Pang - Portfolio Manager

Article 2 min read

Chart Room: Picking up the Hong Kong premium

Hong Kong has quietly grown its bond market into a quality haven in Asia. A window has opened for investors who want a piece of the action.

Terrence Pang + 2 others | 18 June 2024

Article 3 min read

Asia high yield is not just China now

Worried by the risks of investing in Chinese bonds? The make-up of the Asian high yield debt market has changed.

Tae Ho Ryu + 3 others | 29 April 2024

Article 3 min read

China’s property downturn may have found a floor

The government’s will to reform a wayward real estate industry is balanced against the more urgent task of reviving a slowing economy.

Ming Gong + 3 others | 12 July 2022

Blog 3 min read

Time to look beyond Evergrande and China’s ‘too big to fail’ era

Property giant China Evergrande’s woes are better understood as a controlled explosion, rather than an unexpected disaster.

Terrence Pang + 3 others | 24 September 2021

Article 2 min read

China’s hunger for 17m tons of pork benefits Brazil

China may have to import up to 17 million tons of pork to fill a production gap caused by African Swine Fever.

Terrence Pang + 1 other | 4 July 2019

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