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Stanley Shek -

Blog 4 min read

China's easing has not been easy

China’s deleveraging drive has softened, but credit to private companies remains weak. Bigger banks could be pushed to step in.

Bryan Collins + 4 others | 20 November 2018

Blog 3 min read

China’s upgrades to Bond Connect should broaden foreign participation

China's Bond Connect allows foreign investors to access the interbank bond market more easily. New upgrades should remove remaining barriers to adoption.

Stanley Shek + 1 other | 17 July 2018

Article 6 min read

China's RMB bond market is headed for substantial growth

Fidelity has analysed and forecast the growth for China's onshore RMB bond market - which is substantial. What does this mean for investors?

Luc Froehlich + 4 others | 6 July 2018

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