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Marcel Stötzel

Marcel Stötzel - Analyst and Portfolio Manager

Article 3 min read

Rise of artificial intelligence underlines role of ESG analysis

Society is calling for protection against the threats posed by AI. Incorporating AI considerations into investors’ ESG analysis of companies will help.

Marcel Stötzel + 2 others | 6 July 2023

Article 3 min read

Fundamentals: Low cost carriers win again

Airlines are emerging from three tough years, with even business class bookings recovering, but the advantage is again with Europe’s powerful low-cost carriers

Marcel Stötzel + 1 other | 6 July 2023

Blog 3 min read

ESGenius: Will flight shame take off?

If flight shame spreads from Sweden to the rest of Europe, it could be a big ESG problem for arlines

Marcel Stötzel | 27 September 2019

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