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Ana Victoria Quaas - Investment Director

Article 4 min read

Satellite spies take on palm oil deforestation

Deforestation has been high on the agenda at COP26, with many countries signing up to end the practice by 2030.

Ana Victoria Quaas + 1 other | 11 November 2021

Article 4 min read

Green government bonds: the promise and the pitfalls

Green sovereign bonds are on the rise and could improve the green bond market as a whole, but investors should monitor what issuers do with ‘green’ funds.

Kris Atkinson + 2 others | 29 October 2021

Article 4 min read

Crisis at sea: One year on

Following action by Fidelity International along with other investors and trade bodies, the number of crew stranded at sea has halved since September 2020.

Ana Victoria Quaas | 3 June 2021

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