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Patrick Graham
Article 2 min read

Chart Room: Who’s afraid of the large language model?

After a breakthrough year of hype and high investment, Fidelity’s annual Analyst Survey answers some of the questions about AI from on the ground.

Patrick Graham | 1 February 2024

Catherine Yeung
Podcast 31 min listen

The Investor's Guide to China podcast: In conversation with Louis-Vincent Gave

In this special edition of The Investor’s Guide to China, Catherine Yeung, Investment Director, is joined in Hong Kong by Gavekal's Louis-Vincent Gave.

Catherine Yeung + 2 others | 25 October 2023

Frank Wan
Article 3 min read

Fundamentals: The AI frenzy comes to China

Fundamentals: The AI frenzy comes to China

Frank Wan + 2 others | 21 June 2023

Jonathan Tseng
Article 4 min read

Fundamentals: Looking for winners in the AI arms race

ChatGPT is a watershed moment for the popular use of AI technology, but it will be as hard as ever piecing together the likely paths of development from here.

Jonathan Tseng + 2 others | 2 March 2023

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