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Peiqian Liu
Article 2 min read

BOJ: Time to turn positive

The Bank of Japan took an historic step in its March meeting, ending the era of negative interest rates. But the tone of the central bank was cautious overall.

Peiqian Liu | 19 March 2024

Lei Zhu
Article 4 min read

Axing the ‘ex-Japan’: a new era for Japanese bonds

Tailwinds from index reform to rate-hike expectations are lifting Japan's bond market from the doldrums, breathing new life into what was a dull backwater.

Lei Zhu + 3 others | 5 December 2023

Catherine Yeung
Podcast 42 min listen

The Investor's Guide to China podcast: Japanification

When you look at some of the big economic issues China is dealing with today, you quickly realise Japan has been through a lot of the same challenges.

Catherine Yeung + 7 others | 11 October 2023

Fidelity International Global Macro & Asset Allocation Team
Article 5 min read

No holidays for central banks: Where we think there’s more to come

A busy month for central banks delivered expected hikes in Europe and the US, but a surprise tweak to policy in Japan.

Miyuki Kashima
Article 5 min read

Why equity investors are rediscovering Japan

Global investors under-allocated to Japanese stocks risk missing out on big improvements in corporate earnings yields and capital returns.

Miyuki Kashima + 1 other | 24 May 2023

Peiqian Liu
Article 2 min read

Chart Room: Retail therapy for Japan’s ‘lowflation’ headache

The Bank of Japan has struggled to convince the public that inflation will stick. But recent data shows there could be a shift in consumers’ mentality.

Peiqian Liu + 2 others | 18 May 2023

Andrew McCaffery
Article 3 min read

Asia Quarterly Outlook: Can the East wind prevail?

In Fidelity International's latest quarterly outlook for Asia, we believe the economic outlook in Asia is brightened by China’s reopening.

Andrew McCaffery | 29 March 2023

Ian Samson
Article 1 min read

Chart Room: Rewriting the yen narrative

We think recent tweaks to the Bank of Japan's yield curve control policy could reset the narrative and pave the way for yen appreciation.

Ian Samson | 20 January 2023

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