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Kyle DeDionisio -

Article 4 min read

Axing the ‘ex-Japan’: a new era for Japanese bonds

Tailwinds from index reform to rate-hike expectations are lifting Japan's bond market from the doldrums, breathing new life into what was a dull backwater.

Lei Zhu + 3 others | 5 December 2023

Article 4 min read

Selling like hot chilli crab: a look at Singapore’s local bond boom

While debt issuance has slowed around the world, the Singapore dollar bond market is in a pocket of growth driven by policy tailwinds and an influx of funds.

Lei Zhu + 3 others | 19 June 2023

Article 9 min read

For and against China as a standalone allocation

What are the different factors in asset allocation and portfolio construction that investors should consider when looking at China on its own?

Gary Monaghan + 3 others | 16 September 2019

Blog 1 min read

US-China trade truce makes a real deal more likely

The temporary truce in the US-China trade talks makes a real deal more likely, which would ultimately benefit both countries.

Raymond Ma + 2 others | 3 December 2018

Blog 8 min read

Revisiting the 'Fragile Five' at five

Five years since they were dubbed the 'Fragile Five', the emerging market economies of Brazil, India, Indonesia, South Africa and Turkey look more robust.

Eric Wong + 1 other | 24 July 2018

Article 10 min read

For and against China as a standalone allocation

Given its under-representation in traditional indices for both equity and fixed income - should investors focus on China separately?

Gary Monaghan + 3 others | 9 July 2018

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