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Katsumi Ishibashi
Article 4 min read

The BOJ expands purchases and eases further

The BOJ expands purchases and eases further

Katsumi Ishibashi | 27 April 2020

Katsumi Ishibashi
Blog 4 min read

Bank of Japan’s coordinated easing signals more proactive asset purchases

Today’s move by the Bank of Japan to boost asset purchases underscores a globally coordinated effort by central banks to contain the coronavirus fallout.

Katsumi Ishibashi | 16 March 2020

Stuart Rumble
Blog 2 min read

As the BOJ stealthily normalises, the yen will follow

The BOJ appears to be stealthily normalising while keeping rates extremely low. But small steps for Japan’s central bank could be big steps for its currency.

Stuart Rumble + 2 others | 31 October 2018

George Efstathopoulos
Blog 3 min read

Policy tweaks open new opportunities in China and Japan

Recent easing measures in China should support Asian high yield bonds, while we also see value in Japan financials bolstered by the BOJ's ETF purchases.

George Efstathopoulos | 6 August 2018

Katsumi Ishibashi
Blog 2 min read

The Bank of Japan fine-tunes monetary policy but sticks to aggressive easing

The Bank of Japan kept its easy monetary policy while tweaking its framework to give itself more flexibility, emphasising that normalisation is nowhere near.

Katsumi Ishibashi | 31 July 2018

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