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Patrick Graham
Article 1 min read

Chart Room: Covid recovery tops the list of themes for 2022

Latest survey of Fidelity analysts reveals companies' key concerns for the next 12 months.

Patrick Graham + 1 other | 3 February 2022

Jay Kim
Blog 2 min read

Chart Room: US restaurants devour record receipts amid rebound

A resurgent desire to eat out has propelled monthly US restaurant sales above pre-pandemic levels. Despite challenges, we see a long runway of recovery ahead.

Jay Kim + 2 others | 2 September 2021

Victoria Mio
Blog 3 min read

What’s ahead for China’s markets in the Year of the Ox

Investors keen to see whether China’s bull market can keep charging ahead in the lunar Year of the Ox will be focused on recovery and monetary policy.

Victoria Mio + 3 others | 7 February 2021

Amit Goel
Article 4 min read

Unlocking India’s structural opportunities: 10 charts

Reforms and new infrastructure paving the way for manufacturing investment and employment will be key to unlocking India’s next stage of development.

Amit Goel + 2 others | 9 December 2020

Louise Fribourg
Blog 1 min read

Fidelity Leading Indicator signals broad-based recovery

Four out of five FLI sectors are experiencing both growth and acceleration, with only Consumer and Labour lagging.

Louise Fribourg + 1 other | 8 September 2020

Louise Fribourg
Blog 2 min read

Fidelity Leading Indicator points to weak recovery

Business sentiment and trade are improving, among signals of a fragile recovery, but consumer confidence and industrial orders lag.

Louise Fribourg + 1 other | 12 August 2020

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