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Karen Zhou
Article 2 min read

Chart Room: Why China is all aglitter over gold

China’s onshore gold price premium has expanded, spurring cross-border arbitrage and calling for stronger policy measures to shore up confidence.

Karen Zhou + 2 others | 28 September 2023

Catherine Yeung
Podcast 38 min listen

The Investor's Guide to China podcast: China Consumer

China’s economic rebound hasn’t been as strong as many anticipated.

Catherine Yeung + 7 others | 20 June 2023

Stuart Rumble
Blog 1 min read

Chart Room: After the Gold Rush

Is it time to take profits in gold?

Stuart Rumble + 1 other | 21 January 2021

Louise Fribourg
Article 2 min read

Chart Room: Oil vs gold - two sides of the reopening trade

Chart Room: Oil vs gold - two sides of the reopening trade

Louise Fribourg + 2 others | 26 November 2020

Tigran Manukyan
Article 3 min read

Using gold to hedge an extreme world

Gold can act as a useful hedge against future financial distress and potential selloffs in risk assets

Tigran Manukyan | 27 July 2020

Joseph Zhang
Blog 1 min read

Chart Room: What in the world is going on with gold?

The correlation between gold and equities has increased to an 18-month high, calling into question the metal’s usual benefit as a porfolio diversifier.

Joseph Zhang + 2 others | 7 May 2020

Paras Anand
Blog 3 min read

What Warren Buffett gets wrong about gold

Contrary to Warren Buffett’s complaints about gold, it’s constantly offering useful insights if you look closely enough.

Paras Anand | 2 October 2019

Bill McQuaker
Blog 2 min read

Gold glitters amid equity market sell-off, and still has room to run

We expect gold's status as a traditional safe haven will continue to support the price or even drive it higher.

Bill McQuaker | 7 August 2019

Oscar Hutchinson
Blog 2 min read

Gold still has space to shine on

We see more upside for gold, thanks to a potent cocktail of falling interest rates, rising long term inflation expectations and heightening recession concerns.

Oscar Hutchinson | 17 July 2019

Bill McQuaker
Blog 2 min read

Central banks keep the show on the road, for now

Equity and bond markets don’t agree on what we should expect for the second half of the year. How should investors position in light of these mixed signals?

Bill McQuaker | 26 June 2019

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