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Claire Xiao
Blog 3 min read

China walks a familiar tightrope as it targets recovery

While most other major economies are moving to tighten, the construction-fueled stimulus that Beijing has sought to avoid is suddenly back on the cards.

Claire Xiao + 2 others | 4 February 2022

Fidelity International Global Macro & Asset Allocation Team
Blog 3 min read

Fed turns from friend to foe

Pace and extent of tightening cycle depends on the inflation dynamics and the terminal level of real rates the economy and markets can digest.

Fidelity International Global Macro & Asset Allocation Team
Article 4 min read

Catch-2022 policy dilemma hits markets

Central bank policy stance and geopolitical risks put pressure on markets.

Stuart Rumble
Blog 1 min read

Chart Room: QE expectations vs. reality, market moves

Market expectations of future asset purchases by the Fed have an even greater influence than the purchases themselves.

Stuart Rumble + 2 others | 4 June 2020

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