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Anna Stupnytska
Blog 2 min read

ECB pleases markets with additional €600bn stimulus

The central bank has increased the size of its pandemic stimulus package to €1.35 trillion

Anna Stupnytska | 4 June 2020

Raji Menon
Blog 2 min read

Macro briefing: More stimulus expected, but will it be enough?

New figures show that more than 2.9 million workers applied for unemployment benefits, taking the total count to 36.5 million applications in two months.

Raji Menon | 14 May 2020

Raji Menon
Blog 2 min read

Macro briefing: ECB relaxes collateral rules to accept junk bonds

ECB’s decision comes ahead of S&P Global Ratings’ review of Italy’s credit rating

Raji Menon | 23 April 2020

Wen-Wen Lindroth
Blog 2 min read

Macro briefing: Fed extends its reach to support employment

The Fed is now using all creative tools at its disposal to mitigate the surge of layoffs in the US.

Wen-Wen Lindroth | 17 April 2020

Tiago Parente
Blog 2 min read

Eurozone: Mutual seems to be the hardest word

If the current Covid-19 emergency isn’t enough to spur the European Union member states into combining forces on debt, then the question is when.

Tiago Parente | 15 April 2020

Anna Stupnytska
Blog 2 min read

ECB: Not another “whatever it takes” moment, but a smart move nonetheless

The ECB unveiled a targeted stimulus package but kept rates unchanged.

Anna Stupnytska | 12 March 2020

Paras Anand
Blog 3 min read

Fed’s broken policy dial could benefit Asia investors

Political pressure on the Fed to cut rates is only likely to increase.

Paras Anand | 19 August 2019

Ian Samson
Blog 3 min read

ECB signals further cuts and a new round of QE in September

The dovish outlook, coupled with prospects of a further stimulus, is expected to fuel the demand for yield that we have seen so far this year.

Ian Samson + 1 other | 25 July 2019

Forest Shultz
Blog 2 min read

China’s stimulus is working, but credit markets hold longer-term risks

The credit stimulus measures that China began last summer are starting to reach a critical mass, but transmission to the real economy remains patchy.

Forest Shultz + 4 others | 18 April 2019

Anna Stupnytska
Blog 2 min read

ECB startles with dovish move

The central bank kept rates on hold and unveiled new cheap funding measures to boost the faltering Eurozone economy.

Anna Stupnytska | 7 March 2019

Bryan Collins
Blog 2 min read

What China’s new stimulus measures mean for investors

The Chinese government has announced tax cuts worth 2 trillion yuan and higher spending. But will this boost the slowing economy?

Bryan Collins + 2 others | 6 March 2019

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