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Henk-Jan Rikkerink

Henk-Jan Rikkerink - Global Head of Solutions and Multi Asset

Article 4 min read

Multi asset in 2021: Fiscal policy takes centre stage

Risks are finely balanced across markets.

Henk-Jan Rikkerink | 27 November 2020

Blog 4 min read

Fidelity CIO: Thinking differently about diversification

Portfolios may need to encompass a broader range of assets than in the past.

Andrew McCaffery + 1 other | 29 May 2020

Blog 4 min read

Fidelity CIO: The income conundrum

Stable and predictable income streams may become harder to find.

Andrew McCaffery + 1 other | 6 May 2020

Video 3 min watch

Combining AI and active management to make powerful investment decisions

Existing AI is not strong enough to make good investment decisions alone - the data often isn't good enough and the investment world is too complex.

Henk-Jan Rikkerink | 4 June 2018

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