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Tiago Parente -

Blog 2 min read

EU recovery fund: A step forward, but time is running out

Germany and France have agreed to some form for debt mutualisation but the rest of the EU states will have to agree

Natalie Westerbarkey + 1 other | 20 May 2020

Blog 2 min read

Eurozone: Mutual seems to be the hardest word

If the current Covid-19 emergency isn’t enough to spur the European Union member states into combining forces on debt, then the question is when.

Tiago Parente | 15 April 2020

Blog 5 min read

After European elections, finding consensus amid fragmentation

European elections: the populist wave that was supposed to have swept the more centrist parties failed to materialise

Tiago Parente | 28 May 2019

Article 6 min read

European Parliament elections: Bond investors brace for a populist takeover

The EU elections could inject political risk into sovereign bond markets, making the election results a ‘must-watch’ event for fixed-income investors.

Tiago Parente + 3 others | 26 April 2019

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