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Toby Sims

Toby Sims - Investment Writer

Article 2 min read

Chart room: Bubble trouble? Not yet, say Fidelity analysts

Our latest monthly survey shows analysts are not worried about company valuations - yet.

Fiona O'Neill + 1 other | 28 March 2024

Article 4 min read

2024 Q2 Investment Outlook: Timing matters

We believe the outlook for 2024 has brightened, but we caution that it won’t take much to spill over.

Andrew McCaffery + 1 other | 28 March 2024

Article 4 min read

More carrot and less stick: Effective stewardship doesn’t end at voting

Racking up votes against management does not always mean better stewardship

Emilie Goodall + 1 other | 18 March 2024

Article 1 min read

Chart Room: Sterling investment grade offers sanctuary to income seekers

Yields on IG corporate debt look attractive after a difficult period for fixed income. This is useful at a time when it makes sense to act defensively.

Kris Atkinson + 1 other | 9 February 2024

Article 2 min read

Analyst Survey 2024: Company managers have moved on from inflation worries

Fidelity International’s 2024 annual Analyst Survey shows that many companies have moved on from worrying about inflation.

Gita Bal + 1 other | 22 December 2023

Article 4 min read

The ups and downs: Charting 2023

Six charts that capture the economic make-up of 2023 - inflation, interest rates, and everything in between.

Toby Sims | 19 December 2023

Article 4 min read

Emerging markets and the climate financing gap: how to plug the shortfall

Emerging markets are among the nations most exposed to the environmental crisis they have the fewest resources to adapt. Sustainable debt markets could help.

Paul Greer + 1 other | 18 October 2023

Article 2 min read

Chart Room: The Fed’s ‘blocked drain’ conundrum

Despite signs of inflation easing off its peak, interest rate hikes have yet to flow freely and fully throughout the system.

Ashray Ohri + 2 others | 31 August 2023

Article 3 min read

Rise of artificial intelligence underlines role of ESG analysis

Society is calling for protection against the threats posed by AI. Incorporating AI considerations into investors’ ESG analysis of companies will help.

Marcel Stötzel + 2 others | 6 July 2023

Podcast 41 min listen

Trade Offs | Bunge: The price of sustainable agriculture

Bunge CEO Greg Heckman tells us how his company looks to answer some of the most pressing questions around sustainability and food security.

Ned Salter + 4 others | 22 February 2023

Article 2 min read

Chart Room: Sentiment turns positive, but can it hold?

Chart Room: Sentiment turns positive, but can it hold?

Fiona O'Neill + 3 others | 16 February 2023

Podcast 42 min listen

Trade Offs | Serco: Social contracts and the scrutiny of public markets

Keeping investor and public relations on an even keel is no mean feat for Serco CEO Rupert Soames. Especially when ESG investing is added to the mix.

Ned Salter + 4 others | 14 February 2023

Article 5 min read

Analyst Survey 2023: Companies sticking with ESG - but one key blindspot remains

Companies are sticking with sustainability despite the economic turbulence. But there is still room for improvement - especially when it comes to biodiversity.

Jenn-Hui Tan + 1 other | 6 February 2023

Podcast 40 min listen

Trade Offs | Bayer: How to feed 8 billion people without ruining the planet

How to feed the world while not degrading every patch of land in the process? We speak to Werner Baumann, chief executive of the German multinational Bayer.

Ned Salter + 4 others | 31 January 2023

Podcast 41 min listen

Trade Offs | Bank of America: Financing the transition

Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan on the critical balancing act banks play as we transition to a low carbon and more equitable world.

Ned Salter + 4 others | 24 January 2023

Article 4 min read

Analyst Survey 2023: Inflation relief in sight

Fidelity International's annual Analyst Survey suggests cost pressures for companies will peak by the end of the first quarter of 2023.

Gita Bal + 1 other | 10 January 2023

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