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Blog 4 min read

How to avoid the bond 'greenium'

The recent rush for green bonds has often made them more expensive than ordinary bonds, despite offering the same returns.

Jennifer Jackson + 1 other | 25 February 2020

Blog 2 min read

Sterling investment grade set to outperform US/Euro bonds

With reduced political uncertainty, fundamental credit considerations will once again frame returns for the sector.

Sajiv Vaid + 1 other | 9 January 2020

Blog 5 min read

Sustainable investors should wake up to companies in transition

To meet global emissions targets, we need an inclusive approach that offers the right incentives. That means embracing companies transitioning to low carbon.

Kristian Atkinson | 4 December 2019

Blog 3 min read

Draghi’s dovish speech signals further central bank easing

The case for immediate easing by the Fed is however weak.

Kristian Atkinson | 19 June 2019

Article 2 min read

Blowing the froth off the BBB market

BBB-rated credit has outperformed A-rated debt by 48 per cent in past decade. However, the market is vulnerable to downgrades.

Kristian Atkinson | 11 March 2019

Blog 3 min read

The Spanish imposition: Santander’s non-call sets precedent in AT1 bond market

Santander's decision to not repay its AT1 bond will make the market focus much more on call economics and post-call valuations.

Kristian Atkinson | 14 February 2019

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