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Richard Edgar
Podcast 39 min listen

Podcast: The future of... retail and real estate: liquidity, liquidity, liquidity

As the pandemic changes consumer behaviour - perhaps permanently - we look at what the future of retail and its associated real estate could look like.

Sebastian Morton-Clark + 1 other | 15 May 2020

Matthew Bowles
Blog 2 min read

Tenant resilience is key as rental recovery rates fall

Real estate investors are fast having to learn that sustainability of cashflow is perhaps just as important, if not more so, than location.

Adrian Benedict + 2 others | 9 April 2020

Adrian Benedict
Blog 3 min read

Limited correction likely in European real estate

Limited correction likely in European real estate

Kim Politzer + 1 other | 13 March 2020

Kim Politzer
Article 6 min read

Currency risk in pan-European real estate

Why it matters and where the unexpected dangers lie.

Kim Politzer | 10 July 2019

George Watson
Article 5 min read

Contractualised income: Low risk, not no risk

A forward-looking assessment of business risk is needed when investing in long-term secure income assets.

Adrian Benedict + 1 other | 4 July 2019

Adnan Siddique
Article 8 min read

The future of real estate: What will the industry look like in 2039?

How will the innovations of the next 20 years change the world of real estate.

Kim Politzer + 2 others | 23 May 2019

Adrian Benedict
Podcast 23 min listen

Podcast: Real estate and the pain of retail

As consumption habits transform and online sales take over from traditional shopkeepers what does it mean for the retail real estate market?

Adrian Benedict | 16 January 2019

Grethe Schepers
White Paper 1 min read

Retail's fall from grace: salutary lessons for real estate investors from the nation of shopkeepers

Fidelity believes UK retail real estate assets will see a fall in value of 20 to 70 per cent depending upon the nature and quality of the assets.

Adrian Benedict + 2 others | 5 December 2018

George Watson
White Paper 1 min read

Five entrenched biases in the institutional real estate market

Professional investors in commercial real estate markets are not immune from investing mistakes rooted in cognitive biases.

Neil Cable + 3 others | 28 August 2018

Iryna Pylypchuk
Article 7 min read

Assessing cumulative risk in European real estate

How to navigate the mounting risk as the end of the cycle draws near.

Iryna Pylypchuk | 18 July 2018

Adrian Benedict
Article 4 min read

ESG in real estate: How green is your castle?

How and why ESG is starting to be taken seriously in real estate investing.

Adrian Benedict | 5 April 2018

Grethe Schepers
Article 6 min read

Better calculation of real estate risk in a thriving market

As the real estate market remains extremely buoyant - in places worryingly so - investors need to think more critically about risks.

Adrian Benedict + 1 other | 2 February 2018

Adnan Siddique
Article 7 min read

How to use alternatives at the end of the cycle: five strategies detailed

Opportunities with low correlation to traditional securities can provide effective benefits for portfolios at the end of the cycle.

Adrian Benedict + 3 others | 11 December 2017

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