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Innovation at Fidelity

When we innovate, we make life easier for our customers, partners and colleagues.
Every day at Fidelity, innovation happens in a hundred different ways. The Innovation Team coordinates all this activity, making sure everyone is pushing in the same direction. It’s what our colleagues want and our customers demand. We achieve our aims in four connected ways:

We help embed a culture of innovation, giving colleagues the information they need now and raising expectations around what might be achieved in future. We do this through a comprehensive programme of training, coaching and consultation, with programmes such as internal hackathons designed to quickly spread new skills and better ways of working.

We realise the importance of creating foundations for scaled adoptions, ensuring successful implementation and integration of new technologies across the organisation. This involve establishing processes, guidelines and best practices to facilitate the adoption of new solutions at scale.

Finally, our Patent Programme rewards colleagues for their own inventions, encouraging everyone at Fidelity to challenge, experiment and improve.

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Fidelity Labs and Emerging Technology are the teams driving innovation at Fidelity.

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