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Innovation at Fidelity

Fidelity Labs and Emerging Technologies

Innovation at Fidelity consists of the Fidelity Labs and Emerging Technology teams, who conduct research and horizon scanning across customer needs, business themes and emerging technologies, in order to incubate the most value-adding and impactful ideas for our customers and for the organisation.

We achieve this through meaningful ecosystem partnerships as well as our core offerings of validation and prototyping and by cultivating a growth mindset in our employees.


Future Forecast Report 2023

The Fidelity International Core Innovation team have recently published their annual Future Forecast report.

Over the past 12 months the team have seen several themes emerge that the researchers believe will persist and bring transformative change to the way our business is done in the future.

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The Fidelity International Campus

Learn how to build better financial futures by joining Fidelity International’s new metaverse experience.

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Our capabilities

With guidance from senior leaders at FIL who form the Innovation Council, we aim to bring great ideas to life and convert promise into reality. These may be ideas that have been raised to us, or ones we have generated ourselves through research into emerging themes and trends. In addition, we focus on leading technology research to identify emerging trends, creating ecosystems for internal and extemal incubation of the research themes, partnering with Eight Roads Ventures, Fidelity International Strategic Ventures (FISV), FMR, fintech’s as well as investigating other potential strategic partnerships with the aim of achieving practical and commercial outcomes for FIL.

Centres of excellence

Our commitment to creating a strong foundation for the emerging technologies enabling learning, targeted experimentation and their safe adoption.



Accelerating FILs ability to understand, deploy and scale Blockchain-based capabilities and products


Artificial Intelligence

Accelerate adoption by focusing on business solutions, using responsible AI principles and by democratizing AI

Getting in touch

Innovation teams

Fidelity Labs and Emerging Technology are the teams driving innovation at Fidelity

Our Fintech Pledge

Our commitment to fintech collaboration and simple onboarding