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Innovation at Fidelity

When we innovate, we make life easier for our customers, partners and colleagues.
Every day at Fidelity, innovation happens in a hundred different ways. The Innovation Team coordinates all this activity, making sure everyone is pushing in the same direction. It’s what our colleagues want and our customers demand. We achieve our aims in four connected ways:

We take an active role in academic institutions, accelerators and start-up ecosystems around the world, allowing us to bring game-changing innovations to Fidelity in the fastest possible time. These relationships mean we can solicit solutions for problems that would be difficult to tackle in house, and they help us keep abreast of emerging trends in technology.

We also have symbiotic relationship with Fidelity International Strategic Ventures (FISV), the group’s venture capital arm. We tap into the FISV ecosystem for innovation and expertise while helping them with relevant assessments to aid their investment decisions.

The Fidelity International Campus

Learn how to build better financial futures by joining Fidelity International’s new metaverse experience.

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Fidelity Labs and Emerging Technology are the teams driving innovation at Fidelity.

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