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Aela Cozic - Sustainable Investing Analyst and Portfolio Manager

Blog 4 min read

Rooting out modern slavery

Fidelity International is encouraging companies to look for modern slavery proactively and disclose what they find.

Aela Cozic | 7 December 2021

In the weeds with one of the world’s largest pulp producers

See how Fidelity's engagement with Suzano developed and what's happening on the ground.

Kris Atkinson + 4 others | 5 November 2021

Article 2 min read

Biodiversity bond plants seed for engagement

The devastation caused by human encroachment into natural habitats, exacerbated by climate change, is a key engagement theme for Fidelity.

Kris Atkinson + 2 others | 29 July 2021

Article 6 min read

Biodiversity bond raises the stakes for paper firms

Fidelity engages with a paper and pulp manufacturer, Suzano, on how it is addressing biodiversity and reducing carbon emissions.

Kris Atkinson + 3 others | 26 May 2021

Blog 3 min read

ESGenius: Strong sustainability credentials can signal resilience

Covid-19 has shown how a focus on sustainability can help companies act fast when an unexpected crisis hits, and make them more resilient to new threats.

Vincent Durel + 1 other | 23 October 2020

Blog 3 min read

Solving the plastics problem by engaging with chemical companies

Sustainability engagements with chemical companies should focus on how acting in the best interests of the environment can also drive value creation.

Michael Dolan + 2 others | 22 July 2019

Article 10 min read

Defining ESG: Evolution not revolution

ESG investing seems all the rage, but what does this focus on environmental, social and governance criteria actually mean for investors?

Aela Cozic + 1 other | 5 April 2018

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