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Lynda Zhou

Lynda Zhou - Portfolio Manager

Video 7 min watch

On the ground with China's ZTO logistics fleet

Fidelity analysts and portfolio managers engage with China's leading logistics company on the ground in Shanghai.

Terence Tsai + 4 others | 27 May 2021

Blog 3 min read

What’s ahead for China’s markets in the Year of the Ox

Investors keen to see whether China’s bull market can keep charging ahead in the lunar Year of the Ox will be focused on recovery and monetary policy.

Victoria Mio + 3 others | 7 February 2021

Podcast 46 min listen

The Investor's Guide to China podcast: Belt and Road

What China's flagship economic initiative can tell investors about the country and where it goes next.

Paras Anand + 5 others | 30 November 2020

Blog 3 min read

Growth targets take a backseat in China’s new economic plan

Domestic consumption and technology growth will be prioritised as the government reveals overarching guidelines for the country’s 14th five-year plan.

Lynda Zhou + 2 others | 30 October 2020

Article 4 min read

China’s economy is turning the corner after a historically bad GDP contraction

China’s economy is turning the corner after a historically bad GDP contraction

Paras Anand + 3 others | 17 April 2020

Blog 4 min read

China’s financial support targets second-order fallout from coronavirus

China’s healthcare workers have been struggling to contain the spread of coronavirus. Now, policymakers are grappling with the second-order financial effects.

Lynda Zhou + 1 other | 4 February 2020

Blog 4 min read

Trade war tit-for-tat escalates: Views from the investment desk

Volatility has returned to global financial markets following the latest developments in the ongoing trade spat between the US and China.

Luc Froehlich + 3 others | 6 August 2019

Blog 3 min read

A shooting star over Shanghai

Shanghai’s new sci-tech Star Market got off to a sparkling debut, but the real lustre for long term investors will be in the deeper market-based reforms

Lynda Zhou + 1 other | 23 July 2019

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