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Carsten Roemheld
Podcast 45 min listen

Rich Pickings podcast: Tectonic shifts - mapping the disruption to economies and supply chains

Rich Pickings podcast: Tectonic shifts - mapping the disruption to economies and supply chains

Carsten Roemheld + 5 others | 28 March 2022

Fiona O'Neill
Blog 1 min read

Chart Room: Ukraine war adds to inflation and brings further supply chain woes

As the appalling human cost of the war in Ukraine continues to grow, the knock-on effects for the global economy are also becoming clearer.

Fiona O'Neill + 4 others | 17 March 2022

Andrew McCaffery
Article 5 min read

A time for cool heads as the world order shifts

Russia’s war in Ukraine has raised fears of profound fissures in the global economic and geopolitical balance, while casting scrutiny on China’s stance.

Andrew McCaffery | 16 March 2022

Andrew McCaffery
Article 4 min read

Fidelity CIO: Stagflationary consequences of Ukraine crisis intensify policy dilemma

An environment of stagflation is increasingly likely to be maintained rather than to ease off over the coming months.

Andrew McCaffery | 24 February 2022

Fiona O'Neill
Article 5 min read

Analyst Survey 2022: Mind the roadblocks

Fidelity International Analyst Survey 2022: Mind the roadblocks

Fiona O'Neill + 3 others | 18 February 2022

Fidelity International Global Macro & Asset Allocation Team
Article 4 min read

Catch-2022 policy dilemma hits markets

Central bank policy stance and geopolitical risks put pressure on markets.

Paras Anand
Podcast 35 min listen

The Investor's Guide to China podcast: China in the world

"Xi Jingping completely changed the mould," says Louis-Vincent Gave, CEO and Founder of Gavekal.

Paras Anand + 3 others | 8 July 2021

Salman Ahmed
Blog 2 min read

Brexit agreement: A respite from uncertainty

What investors are looking at after UK exits the European Union

Salman Ahmed | 4 January 2021

Paul Gooden
Blog 4 min read

Oil price war set to escalate

The oil price war between Russia and Saudi Arabia is still in escalation mode - and things could get worse before they get better.

Paul Gooden + 2 others | 11 March 2020

Paras Anand
Article 4 min read

A growing chasm

Optimism over a trade truce between the US and China is premature. Investors should be prepared for divergence in key areas.

Paras Anand | 12 February 2020

Fidelity International
Article 1 min read

Cool Heads: Fidelity CEO Anne Richards on Brexit and fragmentation

Watch our new series Cool Heads, in which Fidelity investors cut through the noise to focus on what really matters.

Fidelity International | 16 October 2019

James Trafford
Blog 2 min read

Risk premium rises after attack on Saudi oil hobbles global supply

US sanctions on Iran could be more severe.

James Trafford + 1 other | 16 September 2019

Amit Lodha
Article 10 min read

Is the end of globalisation the end of global investing?

Equities Portfolio Manager Amit Lodha shares his insights on the challenges to globalisation and the implications for investors in global equities.

Amit Lodha | 5 July 2019

Bill McQuaker
Blog 2 min read

Renewed trade tensions buck the rally

Policy action is now driving market sentiment

Bill McQuaker | 30 May 2019

Paras Anand
Blog 2 min read

An outside view of the US-China trade war

Why investors should not expect a swift resolution to the US-China trade war

Paras Anand | 15 May 2019

Paras Anand
Blog 2 min read

Ten years since the crisis: the risks have changed

Investors and policy makers have learned their lessons, but we may be looking in the wrong direction for the next dislocations.

Paras Anand | 31 August 2018

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