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Ian Samson
Article 5 min read

Banks stand to win big in India and Indonesia’s dash for growth

In the race for growth, the banking sectors in two emerging Asian economies are proving uncharacteristically exciting.

Ian Samson + 3 others | 17 May 2024

Ian Samson
Article 2 min read

Chart Room: India, Brazil, and why EMs are diverging

Emerging markets face a variety of different inflation trajectories. That’s presenting opportunities for investors who understand the idiosyncratic risks.

Ian Samson | 10 May 2024

Zhoufei Shi
Article 1 min read

Chart Room: Where the real yields are

Elevated real yields in parts of EMs offer more compelling fixed income opportunities than DMs - even as interest rates stay ‘higher for longer’ in the US.

Zhoufei Shi + 1 other | 3 May 2024

Marton Huebler
Article 2 min read

Why the surge in EM sovereign issuance?

Developing world governments borrowed as much in the first two months of 2024 as they did in the same period of any in the last 20 years.

Marton Huebler + 2 others | 29 April 2024

Marton Huebler
Article 2 min read

Chart Room: overpriced, oversubscribed, but not over yet

Developing world governments borrowed as much in January and February of 2024 as they did in the same period of any of the last 20 years.

Marton Huebler + 3 others | 8 March 2024

Richard Edgar
Podcast 40 min listen

Rich Pickings podcast: Asia and Latin America are reshaping the world for investors

Richard Edgar is joined by Fidelity International experts to discuss how Asia and Latin America are reshaping the world for investors.

Richard Edgar + 5 others | 19 February 2024

Claire Xiao
Article 5 min read

How China keeps its debt in order

What is the fiscal firepower of the Chinese government? Depends on how much debt you think China really has. Our analysis is revealing.

Claire Xiao + 3 others | 25 January 2024

Monica Li
Article 6 min read

Changing of the guards in Chinese growth

Beneath the surface of a slower economy, a group of Chinese companies is starting to make inroads at home and abroad - with consequences for investors.

Monica Li + 1 other | 25 January 2024

Paul Greer
Article 1 min read

Emerging markets give clues to Fed rate cut timing

Want to know when the Fed or ECB will start cutting interest rates? You could do worse than look at their emerging markets counterparts.

Paul Greer + 1 other | 8 December 2023

Paul Greer
Article 4 min read

Emerging markets and the climate financing gap: how to plug the shortfall

Emerging markets are among the nations most exposed to the environmental crisis they have the fewest resources to adapt. Sustainable debt markets could help.

Paul Greer + 1 other | 18 October 2023

Amber Stevenson
Article 1 min read

Chart Room: EM and commodities have decoupled - but for how long?

The relationship between EMs and commodities has come under pressure. But a closer look at the two asset classes suggests that the old order could be restored.

Amber Stevenson | 27 July 2023

Hyomi Jie
Article 4 min read

Field Notes: How to weigh China’s barbell-shaped consumer recovery

Despite challenges facing China's economy, some of the country's consumer companies are gaining market share, in some cases by exploring new niche categories.

Hyomi Jie + 2 others | 19 July 2023

Catherine Yeung
Podcast 35 min listen

The Investor's Guide to China podcast: De-dollarisation

When it comes to currencies, it often feels like it's all about the US dollar. Although the greenback has dominated international trade and finance for decades

Catherine Yeung + 9 others | 18 July 2023

Martin Dropkin
Article 3 min read

How China aims to unlock more value from state firms

In a new reform push, China’s policymakers are nudging state-owned companies to boost shareholder returns and capital efficiency.

Martin Dropkin + 1 other | 10 May 2023

Taosha Wang
Article 3 min read

Proxy plays on China’s consumer rebound are all the rage in Paris

Luxury companies have been among the biggest beneficiaries of China’s bounce and are delivering investors exposure without putting money in Chinese companies.

Taosha Wang + 3 others | 28 April 2023

Peiqian Liu
Article 2 min read

Chart Room: Getting China’s youth back to work

The job prospects are still gloomy for young people in China, and the picture may get worse before it gets better.

Peiqian Liu | 27 April 2023

Feng Han
Blog 2 min read

Chart Room: Earnings, not valuations, will carry China’s rebounding markets forward

Improving corporate earnings are likely to take over from cheap valuations as the main driver in the next stage of the Chinese stock market's rebound.

Feng Han + 3 others | 23 February 2023

Senan Yuen
Article 3 min read

A new golden age for China’s investment sector

China’s investment and wealth management industry is embracing a golden age. The onshore markets will remain an attractive long-term investment destination.

Senan Yuen + 1 other | 23 December 2022

Salman Ahmed
Article 5 min read

New world, new playbook

We move into 2023 in a changed world, and the opportunities and challenges will be different for investors going forward.

Salman Ahmed | 23 November 2022

Richard Edgar
Podcast 34 min listen

Rich Pickings podcast: Where next for the UK?

Four of Fidelity's investment team join Richard Edgar to discuss where next for the UK after a week of market turmoil.

Richard Edgar + 5 others | 30 September 2022

Carsten Roemheld
Podcast 35 min listen

Rich Pickings podcast: The ESG questions raised by the Russia-Ukraine war

Carsten Roemheld discusses the ESG questions raised by the Russia-Ukraine war and the implications for asset allocation.

Carsten Roemheld + 4 others | 4 May 2022

Carsten Roemheld
Podcast 45 min listen

Rich Pickings podcast: Tectonic shifts - mapping the disruption to economies and supply chains

Rich Pickings podcast: Tectonic shifts - mapping the disruption to economies and supply chains

Carsten Roemheld + 5 others | 28 March 2022

Henk-Jan Rikkerink
Article 2 min read

Stagflationary dynamics still in the background

As the conflict in Ukraine moves into its fifth week, volatility looks set to continue and the outlook is marred by the threats to growth

Henk-Jan Rikkerink | 22 March 2022

Salman Ahmed
Article 2 min read

Planetary risk: Mapping climate pathways to macro and strategic asset allocation

A paper introducing the main points of consideration for integrating climate change outcomes into capital market assumptions.

Salman Ahmed + 1 other | 13 July 2021

Nick Price
Blog 2 min read

Chart Room: EM outperformance could be sustained, if commodities are a guide

This week’s Chart Room shows the historical correlation of EM equities with commodities, which suggests that the breakout could be sustained.

Nick Price + 1 other | 8 April 2021

Anthony Doyle
Blog 1 min read

Chart Room: Emerging markets and the reopening trade

Emerging EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and Latin American stocks are particularly well positioned to reap the benefits of reopening.

Anthony Doyle + 1 other | 4 February 2021

Fabio Riccelli
Blog 2 min read

Chart Room: The return of the value super-cycle?

In this week’s Chart Room, we look at both sides of the long-standing debate between value and growth investment styles, as seen from both Europe and China.

Fabio Riccelli + 3 others | 28 January 2021

Steve Ellis
Blog 2 min read

Chart Room: A liquidity tide for the record books

2020 brought us new high-water marks in the US for both money supply growth and the personal savings rate.

Steve Ellis | 13 January 2021

George Efstathopoulos
Blog 1 min read

Chart Room: Chinese stocks, playing catchup, finally retrace 2015 highs

But the rally in China’s main onshore index still lags its US and global counterparts.

George Efstathopoulos + 2 others | 7 January 2021

Anthony Doyle
Blog 1 min read

Chart Room: Weakening dollar gives emerging markets a shot in the arm

Emerging markets may be helped further along by the weaker outlook for the US dollar.

Anthony Doyle + 3 others | 10 December 2020

Eric Wong
Article 5 min read

Central banks in emerging markets hop on the bond-buying bandwagon

EM central bankers are taking a page from the developed-market playbook and purchasing local bonds as a way to cushion the blow

Eric Wong + 4 others | 29 May 2020

Ian Samson
Blog 2 min read

EM outlook: For China and the Fed, old habits die hard

China and the US Federal Reserve are falling back on old habits, which should provide some desperately-needed comfort to emerging markets.

Ian Samson | 30 April 2019

Ian Samson
Blog 2 min read

EM outlook: Easier conditions, tougher growth

After a challenging end to last year, the start of 2019 has brought some tentative stability to emerging markets. But it is too early to issue the all-clear.

Ian Samson | 8 April 2019

Ian Samson
Blog 1 min read

Emerging market GEARs outperform sluggish Europe and Japan

Global GEARs suggest stability over the past two months, after a volatile end to 2018.

Ian Samson + 1 other | 18 March 2019

Catherine Yeung
Article 1 min read

Chinese stocks brace for increased capital flows

MSCI is quadrupling the weighting of Chinese shares in its benchmark indexes, highlighting the country's increasing centrality in global finance.

Catherine Yeung | 4 March 2019

Ian Samson
Blog 5 min read

Emerging Markets' glass might become ‘half-full’ - or China might smash it

Emerging Markets glass might become ‘half-full’ - or China might smash it

Ian Samson | 14 January 2019

Alex Duffy
Blog 6 min read

US trade tariffs and China: assessing the real impact

Tariffs aren’t the most important factor in the trade dispute between the United States and China. Instead, watch China’s balance of payments position

Alex Duffy | 20 December 2018

Ian Samson
Article 2 min read

China and emerging market GEARs deteriorate in December

Emerging market economic indicators deteriorate in December

Ian Samson | 19 December 2018

Ian Samson
Blog 3 min read

EM Outlook: It’s been a long time coming, but a change is going to come

Risks remain to the downside for emerging markets due to China’s slowing growth and toughening global conditions.

Ian Samson | 28 November 2018

Medha Samant
Blog 2 min read

India’s fundamentals remain strong despite falling rupee stoking EM fears

Volatile emerging markets have raised concerns that India could be the next casualty in the EM rout

Medha Samant | 19 September 2018

James Bateman
Podcast 20 min listen

September's Rich Pickings podcast: A world at the mercy of America

The US is playing an increasingly central role in world markets. Why does this matter?

James Bateman + 4 others | 19 September 2018

Jan Berthold
Blog 2 min read

South African land expropriation will exacerbate economic woes and increase volatility

South Africa's proposed land expropriation is likely to add to souring of emerging market sentiment and trigger further sell off in the country's assets

Jan Berthold | 7 September 2018

Paul Greer
Blog 3 min read

As global liquidity tightens, Argentina’s troubles will continue

Argentina markets will remain vulnerable because of specific challenges, but all emerging markets are suffering from tightening global liquidity.

Paul Greer | 30 August 2018

James Bateman
Podcast 22 min listen

August's Rich Pickings podcast: Could Turkey's turmoils travel?

Is the Turkey crisis isolated or systemic? And if it does spread, where do Fidelity's asset allocators think its effects will be most significant?

James Bateman + 3 others | 17 August 2018

Andressa Tezine
Blog 2 min read

Turkey's policy response falls short

Turkey’s escalating financial crisis has raised concerns over contagion as selling has spread more broadly across emerging markets in recent days.

Andressa Tezine | 14 August 2018

Ian Samson
Blog 1 min read

GEAR levels show US economic exuberance could continue into H2

Our Gauges of Economic Activity in Real-Time (GEAR) show that US GEAR levels of 4 per cent almost exactly matched the second quarter GDP print.

Ian Samson | 30 July 2018

Eric Wong
Blog 8 min read

Revisiting the 'Fragile Five' at five

Five years since they were dubbed the 'Fragile Five', the emerging market economies of Brazil, India, Indonesia, South Africa and Turkey look more robust.

Eric Wong + 1 other | 24 July 2018

Ian Samson
Blog 3 min read

Emerging Markets outlook: Not out of the woods

Despite better data in June, the Fidelity Leading Indicator remains negative, especially in key EM-sensitive areas like global trade and commodities.

Ian Samson | 19 July 2018

Gary Monaghan
Article 3 min read

MSCI A-share inclusion is a milestone for China’s onshore capital markets

It’s a game-changer for both the mainland and investors, even though, on the face of it, it’s not yet a particularly high-stakes game.

Gary Monaghan + 1 other | 6 July 2018

Luc Froehlich
Article 5 min read

Why some investors are shifting allocation from EMD to Asia fixed income

Some fixed income investors are increasing their allocations to Asian debt in search of an improved risk–return profile.

Luc Froehlich + 1 other | 6 July 2018

Alex Duffy
Video 3 min watch

What I've learned: Alex Duffy on emerging markets, corporate governance and life on the farm

Alex Duffy, emerging markets portfolio manager, talks about how getting his hands dirty in a mine in Africa got him into a messy situation.

Alex Duffy + 1 other | 7 March 2018

Alex Duffy
Podcast 11 min listen

Currency risk: What developed markets can learn from emerging markets

Modern politics is making some developed market currencies unusually volatile. What can investors learn from emerging markets when it comes to currency risk?

Alex Duffy + 2 others | 2 February 2018

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