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Jenn-Hui Tan

Fidelity's three sustainable investing themes for 2021

Fidelity sees three major sustainable investment trends taking shape in 2021.

Jenn-Hui Tan + 1 other | 4 February 2021

Fidelity International
Article 1 min read

Building solid foundations: Fidelity International China Stewardship Report 2020

Fidelity International's inaugural China Stewardship Report shows steady progress in investment stewardship and implementing ESG at domestic A-share companies.

Fidelity International | 30 November 2020

Dhananjay Phadnis
Article 6 min read

ESGenius: On governance, and spotting corporate cons

ESGenius: On governance, and spotting corporate cons

Dhananjay Phadnis | 5 August 2020

Stefan Kitic
Article 3 min read

ESGenius: Due diligence on Wirecard revealed that the sums didn’t add up

For investors focused on sustainability and governance, the warning signs of financial misreporting were there for some time.

Stefan Kitic | 9 July 2020

Wen-Wen Lindroth
Article 9 min read

Sustainable investing: Accelerating evolution

The assumption that shareholder returns should be maximised at any cost has been challenged.

Wen-Wen Lindroth + 2 others | 26 June 2020

Hiroki Sampei
Article 2 min read

Successful shareholder engagement is a long journey

A case study of Fidelity International's multi-year engagement with Kirin in Japan shows that successful shareholder engagement is a long journey

Hiroki Sampei | 18 June 2020

Dhananjay Phadnis
Blog 4 min read

ESGenius: A sustainability lens can help discern the trends that matter

By focusing on the sustainability of businesses, we can differentiate between the drivers that are fleeting, and those that are truly influential.

Dhananjay Phadnis | 10 June 2020

Andrew McCaffery
Article 2 min read

The New Economic Order

We believe the Covid-19 crisis will trigger a step-change in policy, accelerate existing trends and transform investment frameworks.

Andrew McCaffery + 3 others | 5 May 2020

Anne Richards
Article 2 min read

Survival and sustainability

Research into ESG factors and the Feb-March bear market

Anne Richards | 16 April 2020

Jenn-Hui Tan
Article 1 min read

Outrunning a crisis: Sustainability and market outperformance

Outrunning a crisis: Sustainability and market performance

Jenn-Hui Tan + 1 other | 16 April 2020

Bart Grenier
Article 6 min read

The CEO’s sustainability dilemma

The primacy of the shareholder is being challenged in the boardroom

Bart Grenier | 5 June 2019

Kim Politzer
Article 8 min read

The future of real estate: What will the industry look like in 2039?

How will the innovations of the next 20 years change the world of real estate.

Kim Politzer + 2 others | 23 May 2019

Wen-Wen Lindroth
White Paper 19 min read

Populism will change corporate purpose for good

For the first time, there is enough momentum behind it to move permanently from shareholder value maximisation to a more comprehensive, sustainable approach.

Wen-Wen Lindroth + 2 others | 14 January 2019

Jonathan Neve
Article 15 min read

Uncharted waters: Creating an ESG investment checklist through water sustainability

Uncharted waters: Creating an ESG investment checklist through water sustainability

Jonathan Neve + 5 others | 21 September 2018

Aela Cozic
Article 10 min read

Defining ESG: Evolution not revolution

ESG investing seems all the rage, but what does this focus on environmental, social and governance criteria actually mean for investors?

Aela Cozic + 1 other | 5 April 2018

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