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George Watson

George Watson - Investment Writer

Podcast 38 min listen

Key findings of Fidelity's ESG Analyst Survey explained

An audio digest with context and analysis of the results.

Sebastian Morton-Clark + 4 others | 14 June 2021

Article 4 min read

Fidelity Analyst Survey: Company debt may have peaked already

While most analysts expect debt levels at their companies to stay the same or fall next year, it is becoming a greater factor in management decision making.

Gita Bal + 3 others | 26 November 2020

Blog 1 min read

Chart Room: Some sectors may be set for a margin squeeze

The latest reading from our monthly analyst survey shows which companies are struggling with inflationary pressure but also weaker pricing power.

Gita Bal + 4 others | 5 November 2020

Article 5 min read

Fidelity Analyst Survey: Sentiment improves again but could be nearing plateau

October’s survey of Fidelity International’s analysts reveals that sentiment and leading indicators are once again incrementally better than last month.

Gita Bal + 2 others | 27 October 2020

Podcast 22 min listen

Analyst Survey podcast: The world catches up with China

Listen to the latest Analyst Survey podcast to hear what Fidelity's almost 150 analysts saying about the state of the corporate world.

Richard Edgar + 3 others | 21 September 2020

Article 2 min read

Sustainability Report 2020: Analyst Pulse Survey

Society's big moment: Employee welfare and community impact are now key concerns.

George Watson | 14 July 2020

Blog 5 min read

Defying gravity: How long can monetary-driven markets ignore economic reality?

How long can central bank stimulus enable markets to defy gravity from Covid-19 reality?

Steve Ellis + 1 other | 21 May 2020

Article 5 min read

Fidelity International Pulse Survey: Society’s big moment

Fidelity International's May survey of 145 analysts found that the Covid-19 crisis is focusing companies' attention on social issues.

Martin Dropkin + 2 others | 18 May 2020

Blog 1 min read

Chart Room: Fidelity analysts expect longer disruptions from Covid-19

Chart Room: Fidelity analysts expect longer disruptions from Covid-19

George Watson + 2 others | 16 April 2020

Article 3 min read

Fidelity Pulse Survey: The coming solvency squeeze

The global shutdown will put a significant dent in corporate earnings this year, according to 150 Fidelity analysts surveyed this month.

Martin Dropkin + 2 others | 14 April 2020

Article 1 min read

Downgrade risks when zombies become fallen angels

The high yield bond market prepares for an influx of downgraded investment grade debt.

Martin Dropkin + 1 other | 9 April 2020

Article 3 min read

Fidelity analysts say China will lead recovery from virus

Fidelity analysts say China will lead recovery from virus

George Watson | 13 March 2020

Podcast 29 min listen

Analyst Survey 2020 podcast: The findings discussed

Hear our experts dissect the findings of Fidelity's annual Analyst Survey and the forecasts of more than 150 analysts across the world.

Richard Edgar + 3 others | 13 February 2020

Article 4 min read

No pain, no gain: Chinese defaults are rising and recovery rates are falling

Part of a white paper offering in-depth research on defaults in China - why they are happening and what investors should do about it.

Alvin Cheng + 4 others | 16 September 2019

Article 5 min read

Contractualised income: Low risk, not no risk

A forward-looking assessment of business risk is needed when investing in long-term secure income assets.

Adrian Benedict + 1 other | 4 July 2019

Article 5 min read

An appeal to optimism: The opportunity of the uncertainty premium

The demand for safety since the financial crisis has created an uncertainty premium that investors with a little optimism can take advantage of.

Paras Anand + 1 other | 4 July 2019

Article 6 min read

A bottom-up approach to factor investing in corporate bonds

An introduction to Fidelity's ground-breaking approach to factor investing in fixed income

Joe Hanmer + 1 other | 3 June 2019

Article 8 min read

The challenge of investing sustainably in sovereign debt

Engaging with sovereigns is much harder than with companies. But it is well worth the effort for investors and governments.

Jan Berthold + 2 others | 15 April 2019

Blog 3 min read

The Analyst Survey: 16,000 company meetings into one big picture

Why the Fidelity Analyst Survey offers a unique perspective from the bottom up.

George Watson | 22 February 2019

Article 4 min read

Analyst Survey 2019: The Trump bump is over

Corporate concerns about the administration’s approach are mounting, and the net impact on companies is now expected to be negative.

George Watson + 1 other | 22 February 2019

Blog 2 min read

Brexit vote: Next steps

What next for Brexit after Prime Minister Theresa May's historic defeat?

Anna Stupnytska + 3 others | 17 January 2019

Blog 3 min read

A troubled marriage to tech

Investors are married to the tech story whether they like it or not

Bill McQuaker + 1 other | 16 January 2019

Article 7 min read

The next recession: zombie killer

Zombie companies have grown in number since the financial crisis. The next recession should kill them off.

Martin Dropkin + 1 other | 11 January 2019

Article 13 min read

Standing on demographic fault lines: The impact of population changes

We explore how policymakers in Saudi Arabia, China and Japan are seeking to address their radically different demographic challenges.

Satoshi Nojiri + 3 others | 30 October 2018

Article 7 min read

The future of retirement won't be a cliff-edge goodbye to work

Retirement is a recent concept, and is bound to change as older people live longer and remain more active. The corporate world will have to follow suit.

Paras Anand + 1 other | 29 October 2018

Article 8 min read

Lifting the lid on fixed income asset allocation models

This article explain's the quantitative model we use to guide our asset allocation decisions in fixed income

Peter Khan + 4 others | 25 September 2018

White Paper 1 min read

Five entrenched biases in the institutional real estate market

Professional investors in commercial real estate markets are not immune from investing mistakes rooted in cognitive biases.

Neil Cable + 3 others | 28 August 2018

Article 4 min read

Asia is not a monolith. Be selective to capture value.

Asset managers need to be more selective in where and how they invest in Asia if they want to continue capturing value.

Stuart Rumble + 1 other | 6 July 2018

Article 5 min read

Why some investors are shifting allocation from EMD to Asia fixed income

Some fixed income investors are increasing their allocations to Asian debt in search of an improved risk–return profile.

Luc Froehlich + 1 other | 6 July 2018

Article 5 min read

ESG and performance in 7 charts

Definitive answers are hard to come by but aggregating the research shows a positive relationship between ESG and financial performance.

George Watson | 5 April 2018

Article 8 min read

Longer cycle, shorter horizons: Governance at the end of the cycle

Why extra scrutiny of corporate governance, especially capital deployment decisions, is necessary towards the end of the cycle.

Paras Anand + 1 other | 5 April 2018

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