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Victoria Mio
Article 4 min read

ESGenius: Greening ‘Made in China’

While domestic consumption of sustainable products remains nascent, China’s exporters are tapping into demand for ‘green’ goods around the world.

Victoria Mio + 4 others | 15 December 2021

Eric Wong
Article 4 min read

Asia eyes a tantrum-free taper this time

A faster-than-expected tapering by the Federal Reserve remains a risk for Asian bond markets, but investors have been reassured by the latest policy signals.

Eric Wong + 3 others | 7 September 2021

Ian Samson
Article 2 min read

Chart Room: Asia’s export engine supercharged by new trade deal

Chart Room: Asia’s export engine supercharged by new trade deal

Ian Samson + 2 others | 19 November 2020

Ian Samson
Blog 3 min read

US China Phase 1: Apocalypse Postponed

'Phase 1’ of the US- China trade pact reveals no credible path forward, so instead the two sides have chosen to stand still

Ian Samson | 16 January 2020

Bill McQuaker
Blog 4 min read

Beyond the rotting soybeans of the US and China trade dispute

Looking at the big picture on global protectionism

Bill McQuaker | 15 December 2019

Aditya Khowala
Blog 2 min read

China needs a trade deal more than the US

Given the mixed economic indicators, it is China - and not the US - that could do with the fiscal and sentiment boost that a trade deal would deliver.

Aditya Khowala | 27 November 2019

Casey McLean
Blog 5 min read

Impact scenarios for Asia’s own trade standoff: Japan and South Korea

An ongoing dispute between Japan and South Korea could have wider ripples across the global supply chain.

Casey McLean + 2 others | 24 October 2019

Bill McQuaker
Article 3 min read

The grand strategy behind the US-China ‘soap opera’

The US-China trade war features a cast of colourful characters. But behind the spat lies a bigger battle for global economic supremacy.

Bill McQuaker | 29 July 2019

Ian Samson
Blog 1 min read

GEAR levels show exuberant US economy

Recent economic data show an exuberant US economy, stabilisation in emerging markets and only a slight tick-down in Europe.

Ian Samson + 1 other | 25 September 2018

Tim Orchard
Blog 4 min read

US-China trade tensions: Why investors should mind the fundamentals

US-China trade tensions: Why investors should mind the fundamentals

Tim Orchard | 14 August 2018

Bill McQuaker
Blog 3 min read

Grit in the machine: Assessing the US-China trade war impact for investors

There are two ways the US-China trade war situation could play out for investors, depending on US policymakers’ motives for the current action.

Bill McQuaker | 8 August 2018

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