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Amit Goel
Article 4 min read

Unlocking India’s structural opportunities: 10 charts

Reforms and new infrastructure paving the way for manufacturing investment and employment will be key to unlocking India’s next stage of development.

Amit Goel + 2 others | 9 December 2020

Alvin Cheng
Blog 3 min read

China bond defaults signal a coming of age as state safety net shrinks

Bond defaults by state-owned enterprises have rattled China’s onshore credit markets. We see this as an important if painful step in curtailing moral hazard.

Alvin Cheng + 1 other | 24 November 2020

Bertrand Lecourt
Article 5 min read

China takes aim at trash

A massive nationwide effort is underway to improve China's waste management systems.

Bertrand Lecourt + 3 others | 11 November 2020

Monica Li
Blog 4 min read

Chinese banks are due for national service

As governments around the world exhaust their policy arsenals to save economies, China is reaching for a secret weapon unrivaled by most countries.

Monica Li + 2 others | 31 July 2020

Paras Anand
Blog 2 min read

Not business as usual

Global health, monetary and fiscal policy are converging to triage the worst impacts of the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak, but they come with a cost.

Paras Anand | 26 March 2020

Ian Samson
Blog 3 min read

US China Phase 1: Apocalypse Postponed

'Phase 1’ of the US- China trade pact reveals no credible path forward, so instead the two sides have chosen to stand still

Ian Samson | 16 January 2020

Sumant Wahi
Blog 3 min read

ESGenius: Regulation bites the tech giants, but does it have teeth?

It remains uncertain whether this amounts to a real change in the way companies use data, or if these changes are only being implemented to appease regulators.

Sumant Wahi | 28 November 2019

Katsumi Ishibashi
Article 5 min read

Japan’s experience offers lessons for China’s financial sector reform

Japan offers China a lesson: postponing action on bad loans for years risks both the domestic economy and the country’s credibility with global investors.

Katsumi Ishibashi + 1 other | 16 September 2019

Jeremy Ocansey
Blog 4 min read

US-China trade wars: What to expect from the G20

US President Donald Trump and China’s President Xi Jinping are expected to hold an informal meeting at the G20 Summit in Osaka, Japan on June 28-29.

Jeremy Ocansey | 25 June 2019

Alvin Cheng
Blog 3 min read

In Baoshang Bank takeover, China takes aim at moral hazard

The recent move by regulators in China to take over Baoshang Bank marks a significant event in the development and liberalisation of China’s capital markets.

Alvin Cheng + 1 other | 5 June 2019

Matthew Roberts
Article 7 min read

A Sustainable Investing checklist for UK pension trustees

UK pension fund trustees should prepare for tougher legal obligations when new government rules come into force later this year.

Matthew Roberts + 1 other | 15 April 2019

Raymond Ma
Blog 1 min read

US-China trade truce makes a real deal more likely

The temporary truce in the US-China trade talks makes a real deal more likely, which would ultimately benefit both countries.

Raymond Ma + 2 others | 3 December 2018

Bryan Collins
Blog 4 min read

China's easing has not been easy

China’s deleveraging drive has softened, but credit to private companies remains weak. Bigger banks could be pushed to step in.

Bryan Collins + 4 others | 20 November 2018

Hiroki Sampei
Article 5 min read

ESG leadership: Japan steps forward as the US steps back

When it comes to policy leadership in the arena of environmental, social and governance factors, Japan is stepping up even as the US is stepping back.

Hiroki Sampei + 1 other | 5 April 2018

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