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Yi Hu

Yi Hu - Investment Writer

Article 4 min read

Asia’s new bubble: Finding value in India’s IPO boom

Mumbai has overtaken Hong Kong as Asia's centre for IPOs. While India’s listing boom appears frothy, we still think there are smart investments to be made.

Amit Goel + 2 others | 11 June 2024

Article 2 min read

Chart Room: Japan’s stock train leaves behind train stocks

Business is back on the rails for Japanese train companies, but their stock prices remain largely stuck in the Covid era.

Penn Bowers + 1 other | 31 May 2024

Article 3 min read

Embracing the ‘Korea discount’

South Korea’s bid to reform its stock market has been met with scepticism, but we see the initiative as a free call option in an already attractive market.

Taosha Wang + 2 others | 16 May 2024

Article 3 min read

Unlocking alpha: How global investors can play China’s onshore bonds

There's room for alpha in China’s top-rated bonds, which account for a significant part of global fixed income indexes and benefit from macro headwinds.

Lei Zhu + 3 others | 3 May 2024

Article 4 min read

Axing the ‘ex-Japan’: A new era for Japanese bonds

Tailwinds stretching from index reform to rate hikes are lifting Japan's bond market from the doldrums

Belinda Liao + 3 others | 29 April 2024

Article 1 min read

Chart Room: China’s sportswear sector on the right track

In China’s slowing economy, sportswear remains one of a small number of industries underpinned by solid domestic demand.

Alex Dong + 1 other | 4 April 2024

Article 3 min read

2024 Q2 Asia Investment Outlook: Steady as they grow

Major Asian economies are carefully steadying their ships as they sail into the second quarter, while domestic imbalances and geopolitical risks persist.

Lei Zhu + 1 other | 28 March 2024

Article 2 min read

Chart Room: Time to be ‘semi-cautious’

The rising cycle of global semiconductor stocks has entered its second half, where an easy “buy everything” strategy is no longer appropriate.

Terence Tsai + 2 others | 14 March 2024

Article 4 min read

What investors should know about Asean’s ecommerce war

The ecommerce giants of Asean are largely mired in stiff competition and weak earnings. But we think their woes are just the growing pains of a young market.

Elroy Ng + 2 others | 11 March 2024

Article 4 min read

Optimism balloons from Japan’s reflating economy

Japan leads the world on bullish sentiment in this year’s Analyst Survey as its economy enters a reflating stage unique among developed nations.

Miyuki Kashima + 1 other | 26 January 2024

Article 1 min read

Chart Room: Battle for the dragon’s share of China’s hotel market

The expansion of China’s top hotel brands may look foolhardy amid economic woes, but none of the giants can afford to fall behind in a consolidation phase.

Eric Zhu + 1 other | 18 January 2024

Article 3 min read

Why net zero could be the unlikely answer to Japan’s cross-shareholdings woe

Japan’s push to enhance emissions disclosures has become ensnared in its efforts to reduce cross-shareholdings and may accelerate their unwinding.

Tomohiro Ikawa + 1 other | 10 January 2024

Article 4 min read

India’s hopes for solar dominance dimmed but not extinguished

Two years after setting 2030 solar targets, India is falling behind schedule, but a robust economy and thirst for energy will continue to fuel its solar boom.

Yi Hu | 21 December 2023

Article 4 min read

Axing the ‘ex-Japan’: a new era for Japanese bonds

Tailwinds from index reform to rate-hike expectations are lifting Japan's bond market from the doldrums, breathing new life into what was a dull backwater.

Lei Zhu + 3 others | 5 December 2023

Article 1 min read

Chart Room: A waiting game on rate transmission

The US continues to defy the gravity of rate hikes but a closer look at monetary policy transmission mechanisms suggests the effects are delayed, not denied.

Max Stainton + 1 other | 26 October 2023

Article 4 min read

Japan’s reflating economy is kindling new hopes

Following decades of price stagnation and declines, Japan’s push to bring back “good inflation” is finally bearing fruit. But how sustainable is it?

Edward Tajima + 3 others | 3 October 2023

Article 2 min read

Chart Room: Why China is all aglitter over gold

China’s onshore gold price premium has expanded, spurring cross-border arbitrage and calling for stronger policy measures to shore up confidence.

Karen Zhou + 2 others | 28 September 2023

Article 2 min read

Field Notes: Seeing the fabric of life in Bangladesh

We recently travelled to Bangladesh to see what the living and factory working conditions are like for the world’s No. 2 exporter of ready-made garments.

Ally Chin + 2 others | 4 September 2023

Article 2 min read

Chart Room: Watching for cracks amid pressure on China’s local government finances

Some of China’s local government financing vehicles are struggling to service their debts, but not all LGFVs are created equal.

Vanessa Chan + 2 others | 24 August 2023

Article 4 min read

Selling like hot chilli crab: a look at Singapore’s local bond boom

While debt issuance has slowed around the world, the Singapore dollar bond market is in a pocket of growth driven by policy tailwinds and an influx of funds.

Lei Zhu + 3 others | 19 June 2023

Article 1 min read

Chart Room: Easing Japan’s ‘June jam’ of shareholder meetings

The pile-up of annual general meetings at the end of June in Japan can be a pain for investors, but jams have been easing somewhat in a positive sign.

Tomohiro Ikawa + 1 other | 8 June 2023

Article 3 min read

China + 1 = ASEAN: A winning formula

A pandemic, a war and geopolitical tensions have caused global firms to rethink their supply chains, and many are eyeing the ASEAN region.

Madeleine Kuang + 2 others | 15 May 2023

Video 3 min watch

Field Notes: China’s healthcare innovation marches on

Despite policy concerns and geopolitical tensions, China’s healthcare sector has stayed its course on innovation and keeps climbing the value chain.

Yuanlin Lang + 2 others | 20 April 2023

Article 2 min read

Chart Room: Utilities less useful as bond proxies

Rising interest rates in the US are testing the notion of utility stocks as bond proxies, as ties between their P/E ratios and corporate bond yields weaken.

Nana Yang + 1 other | 13 April 2023

Article 2 min read

Japan’s stock market reform gathers steam

The Tokyo Stock Exchange is taking steps in the right direction on some long overdue reforms, but more still needs to be done.

Tomohiro Ikawa + 1 other | 6 April 2023

Article 4 min read

China’s banks have seen this show before

China’s banks have seen this show before

Sherry Zhang + 1 other | 20 March 2023

Article 3 min read

Inflation’s bite won’t spoil China’s recovery

Spiralling prices were a headache for much of the world in 2022, and some are asking if it’s China’s turn.

Taosha Wang + 2 others | 13 March 2023

Article 4 min read

Analyst Survey 2023: China poised to lead expansion in Asia

China is entering the Year of the Rabbit poised to bound free from Covid lockdowns, and most Fidelity analysts expect it will be in expansion by end of 2023.

Victoria Mio + 1 other | 6 February 2023

Article 5 min read

Cementing a greener future in China

We see huge environmental value in helping to set a top Chinese cement producer on a greener path.

Alex Dong + 2 others | 17 January 2023

Blog 1 min read

Chart Room: And the key disruptive tech of 2023 will be…

Automation and AI are expected to be the biggest disruptive forces boosting corporate profitability in 2023, according to Fidelity International analysts.

Victoria Mio + 1 other | 12 January 2023

Article 3 min read

Chart Room: Looking back on an inflationary Catch-2022

Eight charts that capture the inflationary torment of 2022 and shine a light on what’s ahead.

Yi Hu + 1 other | 18 December 2022

Article 3 min read

The Vegas of the East at a crossroads

Macau’s tourism-dependent economy was hit hard by Covid-19. Now, the Chinese casino hub aims to turn a crisis into an opportunity to reinvent itself.

Victoria Mio + 3 others | 1 December 2022

Article 2 min read

Chart Room: EVs plug into the mainstream in China

Chart Room: EVs plug into the mainstream in China

Victoria Mio + 2 others | 1 December 2022

Article 4 min read

Why smart grid tech can help meet China’s green growth challenges

Amid slowing economic growth and shifting power consumption patterns, China’s expanding smart grid system could help light the path to net zero.

Victoria Mio + 2 others | 28 September 2022

Blog 3 min read

Waiting for the sequel: Japan’s stock exchange reforms

A highly anticipated round of reform at the Tokyo exchange has left many questions unanswered, but rising ESG awareness shines a light on the way forward.

Tomohiro Ikawa + 1 other | 14 August 2022

Article 2 min read

Getting ahead of India’s settlement reform

India’s plan to shorten the settlement period for stock trading may create significant upheaval for market participants and investors

Andrew Peretti + 1 other | 20 July 2022

Blog 4 min read

What delisting Chinese ADRs from US exchanges does and doesn’t mean for investors

What delisting Chinese ADRs from US exchanges does and doesn’t mean for investors

Dale Nicholls + 2 others | 26 April 2022

Article 5 min read

China as a new safe haven?

Looming stagflation and war effects have global investors searching for havens. China represents a less conventional option with diversification benefits.

Alvin Cheng + 3 others | 4 April 2022

Blog 1 min read

Chart Room: Ukraine war adds to inflation and brings further supply chain woes

As the appalling human cost of the war in Ukraine continues to grow, the knock-on effects for the global economy are also becoming clearer.

Fiona O'Neill + 4 others | 17 March 2022

Article 3 min read

Analyst Survey 2022: China goes its own way

After being "first in, first out" of the pandemic, China is showing signs of weaker management confidence.

Yi Hu | 18 February 2022

Article 7 min read

Analyst Survey 2022: Region by region

Analyst Survey 2022: Region by region breakdown

Yi Hu + 1 other | 18 February 2022

Blog 2 min read

Chart Room: Home is where the supply shortage is

Supply has never looked tighter in the US housing market. Construction backlogs persist and prices climb as homebuyers appear undeterred by looming rate hikes.

Shashank Manchanda + 2 others | 27 January 2022

Article 4 min read

ESGenius: Boosting board independence in Japan

Regulatory reforms have created new opportunities for active shareholders to engage with Japanese companies on key governance issues like board independence.

Tomohiro Ikawa + 1 other | 16 December 2021

Article 4 min read

ESGenius: Greening ‘Made in China’

While domestic consumption of sustainable products remains nascent, China’s exporters are tapping into demand for ‘green’ goods around the world.

Victoria Mio + 4 others | 15 December 2021

Article 7 min read

China Green bonds: sprouting issuance, absent greenium

A key advantage of China’s onshore green bonds that sets them apart from other markets is the lack of price premium over comparable non-green issues.

Martin Dropkin + 4 others | 1 November 2021

Blog 2 min read

Chart Room: Digging into China’s GDP growth

A sharp decline in excavator utilisation reflects China’s property-and-infrastructure-induced slowdown, but it also boosts the case for strong policy response.

Mo Ji + 3 others | 21 October 2021

Blog 2 min read

Chart Room: The kitchen gets hotter for China’s gadget makers

Demographics are weighing on China’s kitchen appliance segment, but competition is heating up at the higher end of the market.

Shing Zhu + 2 others | 30 September 2021

Blog 3 min read

Time to look beyond Evergrande and China’s ‘too big to fail’ era

Property giant China Evergrande’s woes are better understood as a controlled explosion, rather than an unexpected disaster.

Terrence Pang + 3 others | 24 September 2021

Blog 2 min read

Chart Room: US restaurants devour record receipts amid rebound

A resurgent desire to eat out has propelled monthly US restaurant sales above pre-pandemic levels. Despite challenges, we see a long runway of recovery ahead.

Jay Kim + 2 others | 2 September 2021

Blog 2 min read

Chart Room: Why stock-bond correlations are turning positive

In the wake of Covid-19, US tech and consumer discretionary firms are leading a departure from the negative correlation between equities and bonds.

George Efstathopoulos + 2 others | 15 July 2021

Blog 4 min read

Macau rebound a test case for China’s outbound travel

The ‘Las Vegas of the East’ is betting its long-standing travel bubble with mainland China can endure.

Alex Zhang + 2 others | 5 July 2021

Article 5 min read

Many hands can make ESG work

Collaborative engagement by investors can be a more effective way to persuade companies to act sustainably, yet the practice is far from common.

Yi Hu | 14 June 2021

Article 5 min read

An express dialogue: ESG engagement in China

Fidelity International worked with China’s biggest express-delivery company on sustainable growth.

Terence Tsai + 1 other | 26 May 2021

Article 3 min read

China sentiment points to sustained lead in global recovery

Management confidence at Chinese companies is notably higher about the year ahead, as China stages a “first in, first out” recovery from the Covid-19 crisis.

Yi Hu | 1 March 2021

Article 8 min read

Analyst Survey 2021: Region by region

Here we look at what Fidelity International's analysts say will be the prevailing regional trends over the next 12 months.

Bob Chen + 1 other | 1 March 2021

Blog 3 min read

What’s ahead for China’s markets in the Year of the Ox

Investors keen to see whether China’s bull market can keep charging ahead in the lunar Year of the Ox will be focused on recovery and monetary policy.

Victoria Mio + 3 others | 7 February 2021

Blog 4 min read

China, the West and the rest: how vaccine rollouts are progressing

With little fanfare, China is firing on all cylinders to vaccinate tens of millions of people, even as domestic spread of the virus appears mild.

Yuanlin Lang + 1 other | 28 January 2021

Blog 3 min read

Growth targets take a backseat in China’s new economic plan

Domestic consumption and technology growth will be prioritised as the government reveals overarching guidelines for the country’s 14th five-year plan.

Lynda Zhou + 2 others | 30 October 2020

Article 4 min read

Boosting sea legs

The Covid-19 pandemic has left numerous seafarers stranded. Fidelity is acting fast to sound the alarm on an issue of global humanitarian concern.

Flora Wang + 2 others | 15 September 2020

Blog 4 min read

China property: Built for the long run

Facing challenges in their core business of building and selling new homes, Chinese real estate developers have found an alternative source of revenue.

Ming Gong + 1 other | 24 August 2020

Blog 4 min read

Chinese banks are due for national service

As governments around the world exhaust their policy arsenals to save economies, China is reaching for a secret weapon unrivaled by most countries.

Monica Li + 2 others | 31 July 2020

Blog 4 min read

Covid health code reveals China’s big data edge

A key to China’s success in containing the coronavirus, the health code’s propagation evinces a major advantage in big data development.

Tina Tian + 1 other | 16 July 2020

Blog 3 min read

Valuations come to the fore in Hong Kong

Hong Kong equity valuations have been torpedoed by a slew of negative events, we see opportunities here for long-term investors.

Dale Nicholls + 1 other | 10 June 2020

Article 4 min read

China’s tourists step out again

Over 100 million travellers in China hit the road over the five-day May Day holiday, the first big test for tourism since lockdowns started being lifted.

Tina Tian + 5 others | 7 May 2020

Article 4 min read

A shelter from the storm, for now: China’s bond market set to open further

When global fixed income investors scrambled for cover last month, China’s onshore bond market was a rare haven with low volatility and no liquidity crunch.

Alvin Cheng + 5 others | 23 April 2020

Article 1 min read

How to think about dividend cuts

A spate of dividend reductions or postponements has raised concerns among investors globally. But not all dividend cuts are created equal.

Matthew Jennings + 4 others | 20 April 2020

Article 4 min read

China’s economy is turning the corner after a historically bad GDP contraction

China’s economy is turning the corner after a historically bad GDP contraction

Paras Anand + 3 others | 17 April 2020

Blog 3 min read

A cautious consumer rebound takes hold in China

Chinese consumers are offering a ray of hope in the economic wreckage from the Covid-19 coronavirus

Ben Li + 3 others | 26 March 2020

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