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Crystal Cui
Blog 2 min read

Chart Room: China’s Covid rebound puts the ‘V’ in investment

Fixed asset investment (FAI) in China has recovered to its pre-Covid levels of growth, with infrastructure and property driving the nation’s broader economy.

Crystal Cui + 3 others | 3 September 2020

Katsumi Ishibashi
Article 4 min read

A to-do list for Japan’s next prime minister

Ensuring fiscal and monetary policy continuity while overseeing Japan's response to the Covid-19 crisis will be top priorities for Shinzo Abe's successor.

Katsumi Ishibashi | 3 September 2020

George Efstathopoulos
Blog 2 min read

Chart Room: The resilience of China’s onshore stocks

China’s onshore stocks (A-shares) have outperformed their Hong Kong and overseas listed counterparts, but their valuations are relatively undemanding.

George Efstathopoulos + 3 others | 27 August 2020

Jon Guinness
Article 5 min read

Why India could be the next breeding ground for tech unicorns

The Silicon Valley giants are shifting their attention to India as the next big growth market.

Jon Guinness + 4 others | 26 August 2020

Ian Samson
Blog 2 min read

GEARs: Bursting through the ceiling?

Fidelity International’s GEAR (Gauges of Economic Activity in Real Time) activity indicators continue to rebound strongly.

Ian Samson + 1 other | 20 August 2020

Monica Li
Blog 4 min read

Chinese banks are due for national service

As governments around the world exhaust their policy arsenals to save economies, China is reaching for a secret weapon unrivaled by most countries.

Monica Li + 2 others | 31 July 2020

Hyomi Jie
Article 4 min read

With nowhere to go, Chinese tourists spend closer to home

Most travel destinations remain off-limits, and as Chinese people’s savings have increased, so has their pent-up demand and desire to treat themselves.

Hyomi Jie + 2 others | 28 July 2020

Takashi Maruyama
Blog 1 min read

Chart Room: Robots on the rise in a post-Covid world

We think factory automation will accelerate further in a post-Covid world, as machines don’t get sick and can work continuously excluding maintenance.

Takashi Maruyama + 3 others | 22 July 2020

Tina Tian
Blog 4 min read

Covid health code reveals China’s big data edge

A key to China’s success in containing the coronavirus, the health code’s propagation evinces a major advantage in big data development.

Tina Tian + 1 other | 16 July 2020

George Efstathopoulos
Blog 1 min read

Chart Room: Why China government bonds have underperformed other markets

China government bond yields are diverging from other major government bond markets.

George Efstathopoulos + 3 others | 15 July 2020

Hyomi Jie
Blog 1 min read

Chart Room: Chinese consumers’ growing preference for local brands

The Covid-19 experience is spurring changes in behavior among Chinese consumers. Among these is a growing preference for domestic brands over foreign ones.

Hyomi Jie + 2 others | 9 July 2020

Stuart Rumble
Blog 1 min read

Chart Room: Asian equities diverge, creating opportunities

The difference in performance between equity markets in East Asia and South Asia (India, ASEAN nations) is the largest in nearly 15 years.

Stuart Rumble + 2 others | 2 July 2020

Sumant Wahi
Article 5 min read

US-China trade war: The chips are down for tech supply chains

The latest front in the US-China trade war centers on tighter sanctions on the Chinese tech giant Huawei.

Sumant Wahi + 2 others | 22 June 2020

Ian Samson
Blog 2 min read

GEARs: China roars while the global economy snores

Our Gauges of Economic Activity in Real time (GEARs), a proxy for three-month annualised growth, improved this month but remain in extreme hibernation.

Ian Samson + 1 other | 19 June 2020

Nicholas Price
Article 2 min read

Japanification in 12 charts

Many western economies are mirroring Japan’s experience over the past 30 years.These 12 charts show how some of the key trends are playing out.

Nicholas Price + 3 others | 9 June 2020

Eric Wong
Article 5 min read

Central banks in emerging markets hop on the bond-buying bandwagon

EM central bankers are taking a page from the developed-market playbook and purchasing local bonds as a way to cushion the blow

Eric Wong + 4 others | 29 May 2020

Amit Goel
Article 4 min read

How India’s economy is navigating Covid-19

As the world begins to come out of lockdowns and economies normalise, India can offer bright spots for emerging market investors.

Amit Goel + 4 others | 7 May 2020

Tina Tian
Article 4 min read

China’s tourists step out again

Over 100 million travellers in China hit the road over the five-day May Day holiday, the first big test for tourism since lockdowns started being lifted.

Tina Tian + 5 others | 7 May 2020

Stuart Rumble
Blog 1 min read

Chart Room: More policy easing supports China bonds

This week’s Chart Room shows how ample liquidity is helping China’s onshore bond markets navigate around global volatility.

Stuart Rumble + 2 others | 29 April 2020

Alvin Cheng
Article 4 min read

A shelter from the storm, for now: China’s bond market set to open further

When global fixed income investors scrambled for cover last month, China’s onshore bond market was a rare haven with low volatility and no liquidity crunch.

Alvin Cheng + 5 others | 23 April 2020

Paras Anand
Article 4 min read

China’s economy is turning the corner after a historically bad GDP contraction

China’s economy is turning the corner after a historically bad GDP contraction

Paras Anand + 3 others | 17 April 2020

Ming Gong
Blog 4 min read

Delayed demand making its return to China’s property market

New home sales are recovering faster than expected in China. This has big implications for domestic demand and the macroeconomic outlook.

Ming Gong + 2 others | 8 April 2020

Eric Wong
Blog 2 min read

Strong underpinnings to Asia’s investment grade bond market

Asia’s investment grade bond market looks attractive as we continue working through the Covid-19 outbreak, and global coordinated stimulus take effect.

Eric Wong + 2 others | 3 April 2020

Ben Li
Blog 3 min read

A cautious consumer rebound takes hold in China

Chinese consumers are offering a ray of hope in the economic wreckage from the Covid-19 coronavirus

Ben Li + 3 others | 26 March 2020

Fidelity International
Blog 3 min read

China and its neighbours reboot supply chains

As China’s economy emerges from lockdown, activity across Asia’s sprawling network of factories, ports and logistics hubs is picking up.

Fidelity International + 1 other | 23 March 2020

Bryan Collins
Blog 3 min read

China gets back to business

How fast and how fully activity recovers in China will have huge implications for one of the world’s key economic growth engines.

Bryan Collins | 13 March 2020

Tina Tian
Blog 4 min read

Outbreak deepens China’s e-commerce push

While the coronavirus threatens to put a dent in China’s overall growth, pockets of the online economy are booming.

Tina Tian + 1 other | 2 March 2020

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