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Paras Anand
Article 6 min read

Post-Covid environment offers new testing ground for sustainable growth in China

China’s nascent trend in ESG investing appears to be alive and well despite the disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Paras Anand | 2 July 2020

Benjamin Moshinsky
Article 9 min read

Sustainable investing: Accelerating evolution

The assumption that shareholder returns should be maximised at any cost has been challenged.

Wen-Wen Lindroth + 2 others | 26 June 2020

Hiroki Sampei
Article 2 min read

Successful shareholder engagement is a long journey

A case study of Fidelity International's multi-year engagement with Kirin in Japan shows that successful shareholder engagement is a long journey

Hiroki Sampei | 18 June 2020

Dhananjay Phadnis
Blog 4 min read

ESGenius: A sustainability lens can help discern the trends that matter

By focusing on the sustainability of businesses, we can differentiate between the drivers that are fleeting, and those that are truly influential.

Dhananjay Phadnis | 10 June 2020

George Watson
Article 4 min read

Fidelity Pulse Survey: Society’s big moment

Fidelity's May survey of 145 analysts found that the Covid-19 crisis is focusing companies' attention on social issues.

Martin Dropkin + 2 others | 18 May 2020

Stephen Gardner

CEO update podcast: Anne Richards on resilience and reinvention

Fidelity CEO Anne Richards explores what has to change in supply chains, corporate aims, and capitalism itself.

Anne Richards + 2 others | 12 May 2020

Adnan Siddique
Article 2 min read

The New Economic Order

We believe the Covid-19 crisis will trigger a step-change in policy, accelerate existing trends and transform investment frameworks.

Andrew McCaffery + 3 others | 5 May 2020

Ned Salter
Blog 5 min read

Fidelity CIO: Society’s focus on sustainability and resilience to go parabolic

Fidelity analysis shows companies with higher ESG scores outperformed during the March sell-off.

Andrew McCaffery + 1 other | 29 April 2020

Anne Richards
Article 2 min read

Survival and sustainability

Research into ESG factors and the Feb-March bear market

Anne Richards | 16 April 2020

Benjamin Moshinsky
Article 1 min read

Outrunning a crisis: Sustainability and market outperformance

Outrunning a crisis: Sustainability and market performance

Jenn-Hui Tan + 1 other | 16 April 2020

Natalie Westerbarkey
Blog 4 min read

EU’s €1 trillion Green Deal could aid post-crisis recovery

The EU's Green Deal faces political and financial challenges, but the direction of travel is clear.

Natalie Westerbarkey | 7 April 2020

Romain Boscher
Blog 3 min read

Fidelity CIOs: A new paradigm

The Covid crisis is accelerating changes already underway.

Andrew McCaffery + 1 other | 1 April 2020

Bob Chen
Blog 3 min read

As gold’s surge draws wider interest, miners shine too

Gold's lustre is also rubbing off on the companies that dig it up from the ground.

Kate Howitt + 2 others | 12 March 2020

Lucy Van Amerongen
Podcast 31 min listen

Fundamentals podcast: Tesla, VW, and the big electric bet

As Tesla and Volkswagen make big pushes to bring electric vehicles to the mass market we ask whether 2020 is the year EVs finally put their foot to the floor.

Benjamin Moshinsky + 4 others | 5 March 2020

Kristian Atkinson
Blog 4 min read

How to avoid the bond 'greenium'

The recent rush for green bonds has often made them more expensive than ordinary bonds, despite offering the same returns.

Jennifer Jackson + 1 other | 25 February 2020

Sebastian Morton-Clark
Podcast 28 min listen

The Investor's Guide to China podcast: Environment

Fidelity's China and sustainability experts put the country's environmental record and ambitions under the investment lens.

Paras Anand + 3 others | 18 February 2020

Lisa Twaronite
Article 4 min read

Analyst Survey 2020: A watershed year for ESG

ESG shoots up the corporate agenda in China and the US.

Jenn-Hui Tan + 1 other | 13 February 2020

Heidi Rauber
Blog 4 min read

ESGenius: What sustainability investors can learn from European consumer staples

ESG principles have long been an integral part of how many European consumer staples companies are run, but it wasn’t always this way.

Heidi Rauber | 19 December 2019

Paul Greer
Article 3 min read

Emerging market debt in the 2020s: Green trade wars and a land of opportunity

What will the next decade bring for emerging market debt investors?

Paul Greer | 6 December 2019

Kristian Atkinson
Blog 5 min read

Sustainable investors should wake up to companies in transition

To meet global emissions targets, we need an inclusive approach that offers the right incentives. That means embracing companies transitioning to low carbon.

Kristian Atkinson | 4 December 2019

Fidelity International
Article 2 min read

Cool Heads: Investors are getting climate change wrong

Assessing a portfolio's climate pathway, rather than its emissions relative to a benchmark, should help reduce overall emissions.

Fidelity International | 3 December 2019

Sumant Wahi
Blog 3 min read

ESGenius: Regulation bites the tech giants, but does it have teeth?

It remains uncertain whether this amounts to a real change in the way companies use data, or if these changes are only being implemented to appease regulators.

Sumant Wahi | 28 November 2019

Anne Richards
Article 4 min read

No man is an island: The new scarcity

The world today is faced with a pair of contradictory terrors: the economic fear that growth will soon come to an end, and the ecological fear that it will not

Anne Richards | 21 November 2019

Richard Edgar

The Investor's Guide to China podcast: Corporate governance

The Investor's Guide to China podcast: Corporate governance

Paras Anand + 3 others | 24 October 2019

Marcel Stötzel
Blog 3 min read

ESGenius: Will flight shame take off?

If flight shame spreads from Sweden to the rest of Europe, it could be a big ESG problem for arlines

Marcel Stötzel | 27 September 2019

Lisa Twaronite
Article 6 min read

Human rights and wrongs: Engaging with Chinese suppliers on sustainability

Steady progress makes us confident that our engagement efforts are worthwhile and have already led to significant shifts at some Chinese manufacturers.

Marion O'Donnell + 2 others | 16 September 2019

Paras Anand
Blog 2 min read

A fork in the road for US corporates

Capital allocation priorities need to evolve to match new corporate purpose.

Paras Anand | 27 August 2019

Luca Romano
Blog 3 min read

ESG Ratings: Who’s driving?

By creating our own ESG ratings we can do analysis to confirm findings, fill in blanks and correct misconceptions, uncovering opportunities in the process.

Luca Romano | 6 August 2019

Kate Howitt
Blog 3 min read

If ESG regulations can’t keep up, we must make the rules

Political polarisation is increasing and this is blocking the development of ESG guidelines. As a result, companies and investors should step in.

Kate Howitt | 30 July 2019

Daniel Youles
Blog 3 min read

Solving the plastics problem by engaging with chemical companies

Sustainability engagements with chemical companies should focus on how acting in the best interests of the environment can also drive value creation.

Michael Dolan + 2 others | 22 July 2019

Alex Duffy
Blog 3 min read

ESG: Focus on the ‘G’ and the rest will follow

Most companies with good ‘E’ and ‘S’ practices have strong governance but it's rare to see firms with poor governance uphold high ‘E’ and ‘S’ standards.

Alex Duffy | 19 July 2019

Hiroki Sampei
Blog 2 min read

Active engagement can help passive investors: A new model in Japan

Passive investors can benefit from the expertise of an active manager. Fidelity targets companies that are index components to create value.

Hiroki Sampei | 25 June 2019

Ilia Chelomianski
Blog 3 min read

Pick your poison

Some investors in environmental projects think that simply investing in securities with a ‘green’ label is enough to fulfil climate mandates. That’s not true.

Ilia Chelomianski | 10 June 2019

Peck Lim Tan
Article 2 min read

Teaming up in Asia to target coal financing

Teaming up with other asset managers in Asia has helped change the behaviour of banks financing coal projects

Marion O'Donnell + 1 other | 3 June 2019

Michael Gibb
Article 3 min read

Being the authentic investor

Can investors do well by doing good? Today my answer is emphatically, yes

Michael Gibb | 29 April 2019

Neil Gough
Article 4 min read

A sustainable investor’s view on water scarcity in China

China’s water woes represent significant challenges and distinct opportunities for the sustainable investor.

Bertrand Lecourt + 3 others | 15 April 2019

Anna Stupnytska
Blog 3 min read

Data is helping to identify the diversity strategies that work

The approach to diversity is starting to shift away from random, box-ticking initiatives to a systematic, increasingly sophisticated, evidence-based journey.

Anna Stupnytska | 15 April 2019

George Watson
Article 8 min read

The challenge of investing sustainably in sovereign debt

Engaging with sovereigns is much harder than with companies. But it is well worth the effort for investors and governments.

Jan Berthold + 2 others | 15 April 2019

Minlin Lee
Podcast 21 min listen

Podcast: Palm oil, Chinese steel and when the environment triumphs

Environmental pressures are beginning to move the tectonic plates of industry. Fidelity's analysts discuss what it can mean for those sectors at the epicentre

Neil Gough + 2 others | 15 April 2019

Paras Anand
Blog 1 min read

Why we're calling it Sustainable Investing, not ESG

The term ‘ESG’ struggles to capture the full scope of stakeholders and the off-spreadsheet areas that an organisation needs to manage.

Paras Anand | 15 April 2019

Sebastian Morton-Clark
Video 4 min watch

Portfolio Manager Vincent Durel on his corporate engagement

Why Sustainable Investment considerations and corporate engagement have become fundamental to the investment process.

Vincent Durel + 1 other | 15 April 2019

Shade Velgersdyk
Article 4 min read

What it means to pursue an active sustainable investing strategy

ESG is changing the way companies and asset managers engage with each other, resulting in a positive outcome both for investors and society as a whole.

Vincent Durel + 1 other | 15 April 2019

Jeremy Podger
Blog 4 min read

ESG: A Change of View

Portfolio Manager Jeremy Podger revisits the arguments around ESG investing principles and explains his distinct shift in view.

Jeremy Podger | 26 February 2019

Vanessa Glennie
Article 5 min read

ESG now pervasive in Europe and growing in China

Environmental, Social and Governance issues (ESG) continue to grow in importance at the companies our analysts cover.

Vanessa Glennie | 22 February 2019

Grethe Schepers
White Paper 19 min read

Populism will change corporate purpose for good

For the first time, there is enough momentum behind it to move permanently from shareholder value maximisation to a more comprehensive, sustainable approach.

Wen-Wen Lindroth + 2 others | 14 January 2019

Adnan Siddique
Article 15 min read

Uncharted waters: Creating an ESG investment checklist through water sustainability

Uncharted waters: Creating an ESG investment checklist through water sustainability

Jonathan Neve + 5 others | 21 September 2018

Hiroki Sampei
Blog 2 min read

ESG awareness is an enduring legacy of the global financial crisis

The global financial crisis pushed ESG principles to the forefront, which would not have occurred as rapidly without the catalyst of the crisis.

Hiroki Sampei | 12 September 2018

Adnan Siddique
Article 6 min read

Green bonds: Awakening the green giant

Targeting carbon reduction could help investors deterred by the lack of standardisation and uncompetitive returns in the green bond market.

Ilia Chelomianski + 1 other | 6 September 2018

Joe Hanmer

The impact of ESG investing on corporate bonds

Integrating ESG characteristics beyond pure financial data in a corporate bond portfolio adds value by improving performance and reducing returns volatility.

Claudio Ferrarese + 1 other | 4 July 2018

Adnan Siddique
Article 4 min read

Engagement is the ESG X-factor

Engagement is the difference between active and passive ESG offerings.

Ned Salter + 1 other | 4 June 2018

Sebastian Morton-Clark
Podcast 29 min listen

Has passive peaked?

Passive investing has undergone stellar growth but as monetary policies and market dynamics shift could we be seeing the 'peak' of the passive bull run?

Richard Edgar + 5 others | 4 June 2018

Sebastian Morton-Clark
Video 6 min watch

What is and what isn't ESG: the investors' definition

Investment chiefs from Denmark, Italy and Japan on how they define what is - and what isn't - ESG, and how it informs their approach to investing.

Sebastian Morton-Clark | 5 April 2018

Adrian Benedict
Article 4 min read

ESG in real estate: How green is your castle?

How and why ESG is starting to be taken seriously in real estate investing.

Adrian Benedict | 5 April 2018

Neil Gough
Video 5 min watch

China's changing environmental priorities

China is the world's biggest emitter of greenhouse gases but is also becoming a global leader in promoting green investment and fighting pollution.

Jenn-Hui Tan + 4 others | 5 April 2018

Grethe Schepers
White Paper 15 min read

Pulling away: Inequality as an ESG risk

Wealth distribution, emerging threats to the status quo, and why inequality is turning into an important sustainability risk.

Paras Anand + 3 others | 5 April 2018

Lisa Twaronite
Article 5 min read

ESG leadership: Japan steps forward as the US steps back

When it comes to policy leadership in the arena of environmental, social and governance factors, Japan is stepping up even as the US is stepping back.

Hiroki Sampei + 1 other | 5 April 2018

George Watson
Article 5 min read

ESG and performance in 7 charts

Definitive answers are hard to come by but aggregating the research shows a positive relationship between ESG and financial performance.

George Watson | 5 April 2018

George Watson
Article 8 min read

Longer cycle, shorter horizons: Governance at the end of the cycle

Why extra scrutiny of corporate governance, especially capital deployment decisions, is necessary towards the end of the cycle.

Paras Anand + 1 other | 5 April 2018

Adnan Siddique
Article 6 min read

Green bonds: Five important questions answered

Green bonds are a useful group of assets in ESG investing, but some investors are not entirely clear on key aspects of the instruments.

Ilia Chelomianski + 1 other | 5 April 2018

Adnan Siddique
Bibliography 6 min read

The investment world's best ESG material

We did the reading so you don't have to.

Adnan Siddique | 5 April 2018

Sebastian Morton-Clark
Podcast 18 min listen

Inside the investment process: ESG at every step

How investors considered ESG in the case of an investment in ChemChina, the Chinese state-owned chemical giant.

Richard Edgar + 2 others | 5 April 2018

Raji Menon
Article 9 min read

Avoiding 'cybergeddon': ESG risk in an interconnected world

In an increasingly digital society, cybersecurity and data protection are rapidly emerging as some of the biggest ESG risks for companies to manage.

Sumant Wahi + 6 others | 5 April 2018

Adnan Siddique
Article 10 min read

Defining ESG: Evolution not revolution

ESG investing seems all the rage, but what does this focus on environmental, social and governance criteria actually mean for investors?

Aela Cozic + 1 other | 5 April 2018

Adnan Siddique
Article 4 min read

ESG enters the boardroom

For the first time, a majority of analysts find their companies are taking ESG more seriously, according to the Fidelity Analyst Survey.

Adnan Siddique | 20 February 2018

Grethe Schepers
Video 8 min watch

In depth in eight minutes: what the Fidelity Analyst Survey reveals

Capex, China and ESG feature highly as the global sentiment indicator ticks up.

Michael Sayers + 2 others | 20 February 2018

Grethe Schepers
Article 5 min read

As good as it gets: corporate sentiment rises to new highs

Company executives are the most optimistic they've been in five years, reports Fidelity’s 2018 Analyst Survey.

Grethe Schepers | 20 February 2018

Preeti Rupra
Video 4 min watch

ESG: Four underappreciated risks

From data breach to economic populism, Fidelity analysts detail their experiences of ESG-related risks they see as often underappreciated.

Adnan Siddique + 1 other | 2 February 2018

Cason Moore
Article 11 min read

Bond covenants: beware of slipping standards late in the cycle

As the market matures, governance standards often become looser - which, in fixed income, is most conspicuous in bond covenants.

Martin Dropkin + 1 other | 11 December 2017

Adnan Siddique
Article 11 min read

Bond covenants: beware of slipping standards late in the cycle

As the market matures, governance standards often become looser - which, in fixed income, is most conspicuous in bond covenants.

Martin Dropkin + 2 others | 11 December 2017

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